Costa Rica top 10 destinantions among expats World Wide

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  • According to Expats Insider  Costa Rica is the second best option to settle.
  • The results were produced after consulting with 12.500 people in 166 countries. 

According to the website the study asked people living in a country other than that of origin. Either because of work or by their own decision. To make the ranking Expats Insider uses a rank five variables. Those been. Quality of life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family and life and personal Finance. The participants were ask to answer 43 different aspects of living abroad on a scale from 1 to 7. For a country to be featured in the magazine needed a minimum sample 75 expats living in it.

For the 2018 index Costa Rica still remains in the top 10 positions. This year ranking number 7 in the general ranking. Although experiencing a considerable loss after been only number 2.  In the specific categories Costa Rica ranks in the following ways.

Rank by gender.

By gender Costa Rica ranks number 5 in the top 10 countries for females settle.

Quality of life Rank14 where the expats enjoy living.

This rank summaries the over all rank of happiness and security where the expats will enjoy quality of life

  • Number 14 in quality of life
    • Number 3 in Leisure options
    • Number 5 in persona Happiness
    • Number 39 in Transportation
    • Number 12 in Health and well Being
    • Number 27 in Health and security
    • Number 30 in Digital life

Ease to settling in

This ranks speaks of how easy is to feel at home. Here Costa Rica ranks 3 among the first 10. Variables that were taken into account for this measure were factors as. How easy is to communicate for expats with the locals. a much of the friend circle of the expats is compose by locals and how easy is to accommodate to the general politics and environment of the country.

  • Number 3 in Ease of settling in.
    • Number 4 in feeling at home
    • Number 7 in Friendliness
    • Number 4 at finding friends
    • Number 7 at language

Working abroad

In the working abroad category Costa Rica is taken of the top 10 positions. Getting rank number 38.

  • Number 38 in Working Abroad
    • Number 59 in Career prospects.
    • Number 6 in Work and Leisure
    • Number 43 and Economy and Job Security


Costa Rica 2019 predictions.

This 2018 has been a bumpy ride. A new government has taken place. Although originated from the same political party as the previous one “PAC”. Carlos Alvarado (the new president) and his ministries have had to face several backlashes. Irresponsible management of the finances of the country by previous administrations had put Costa Rica’s pay balance of debt. The previous government delay at the point of avoiding a tax reform needed to correct the path of debt.  And so the current government was forced to stumble the reform. Provoking significant unease in the population. And facing a very decided and split Legislative power.

The syndicates call for a generalise strike that spawn for more that 30 days. That continues still at some lesser levels at the moment of writing this article.

The problem is government expending not economy.

Although the financial problem clearly affects the economy of the country. The problem is the reckless expending behaviour of several governments. And the bad administration and execution of public infrastructure. Top with tax evasion in the private sector and unreasonable benefits for unions and syndicates. Costa Rica’s economy is projected to grow up to 3% this year regardless of the financial situation. According to the government the tax reform is ready to go trough and they have enough votes to make it pass. Right now the reform is sitting in the Justice Tribunals waiting for a legal opinion. To see if it needs 38 or 35 votes to pass.

Easy to patch problem.

The tax reforms propose that a fix could be find by just adding 1% tax to the Basic goods. (rice, beans, milk etc) and by starting taxing services. That until now have not been tax. The last and current governments recognise that. A great deal of the problem could be solve by fixing the way the country manages it finances and recollects existing taxes.


Still Pura Vida.

Although the strike. This experience was useful to clarify the position of Costa Rica to freedom of expression. And the value of democracy. While the value of the dollar keeps rising with respect to the colon. As a way for the international markets pressure the government to pass the reform quickly. Costa Rica still enjoys political respect and stability that sometimes is lacking in the region.


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