“Costa Rica, the exception of America during the epidemic of the coronavirus” Says Reutersers

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The good and fast reaction of Costa Rica has been widely commended by countries and the media. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to report positive cases of Coronoavirus Covid-19, these 2 foreign tourists being North American spouses with previous contact with an infected person in New York, which today is the epicenter city of cases worldwide.

Reuters highlights the successful mitigation plan launched by Costa Rican authorities and especially how well it was received by the vast majority of its population, facts that reflect data behaviors of training centers and beaches with decreases in affluence greater than 80 % – Percentages similar to that of countries like Peru, only after establishing curfew and severe movement restrictions- While in Costa Rica the decrease in attendance was mostly voluntary.

Once again, the small and stable Central American democracy emerges as the best of its kind, with an advantageous universal public health system and a population that, for the most part, has complied with the sanitary measures issued by the Government.


The article goes on to say correctly that on April 23, Costa Rica recorded only 6 deaths, for a mortality of 0.9% the lowest in the continent and highlights how the behavior of new cases increases the number of daily recoveries significantly over the last 6 days. number of new infected.

It is still early to celebrate and the mitigation and prevention measures of the new Covid-19 must be carefully observed as soon as possible if Costa Rica wants to eradicate the virus from its lands. We continue to extend the invitation to all citizens to stay at home if it is not necessary to go out and, if it is necessary, to attend to the health protocols of distancing and protection such as the use of masks.

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