Costa Rica successfully ships vaccines to rural areas of the country.

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Logistics Manager Dr. Esteban Vega de la O confirmed that the mobilization and delivery within the cold chain of the 17,705 vaccines in 10 hospitals and 18 health areas was successful in the health facilities scheduled for this Monday.

The manager assured 55 establishments in total were reached and, as more doses arrive, this distribution will be extended to the entire country. For this, the plan was designed with three criteria:

• Give continuity to the distribution points that have already started. If they received the first doses, the sites will continue to receive weekly so that they can plan progress on the groups, depending on the availability of vaccines.
• Open new distribution points. As more vaccines arrive in the country, new health establishments are added to the vaccination.
• Separate some vaccines for the second doses.

The manager pointed out that “due to the number of patients and officials, full coverage will be reached first in the smallest centers, therefore, health facilities that vaccinate emergency care officials and long-stay homes will advance with other population segments ”.
According to the plan, the arrival of the vaccines in the country will determine the rate of advance and therefore the daily vaccination. In addition, the arrival of ultra-cold freezers, which the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention is going to acquire, will make it possible to move greater quantities of vaccines, especially when the other two sources of vaccines enter: those of AstraZeneca and those that enter through the Covax system, which are those purchased in conjunction with the other countries in the region.
The start of vaccination in the country was extraordinarily fast in relation to the world. Costa Rica was the sixth country in the world to start and is one of the 50 countries in which vaccination began.

Expand first dose coverage and prepare for second dose

Dr. Leandra Abarca Gómez announced that the first vaccines transferred outside the GAM were applied this afternoon as the teams took advantage of the transfer time from San José to schedule the laying, because they knew that the vaccine would arrive thawed and in perfect conservation between two and eight degrees , as the protocol says that it can be maintained for up to five days to apply them during the week.
The doctor from the Epidemiological Surveillance subarea points out the importance of the second dose for those who receive the first.
“It is essential to complete the immunization with the second dose of the vaccine. 21 days must pass between the first and second dose. Between the first and second dose it is possible that the person could get sick, so it is important to maintain safety measures ”.
For this reason, Dr. Abarca recalled that “those who receive the vaccine must continue to take care of themselves.”


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