[:en]Costa Rica is certainly a interesting place. The 2016 State of the Region Inform says that Costa Rica spends four times more money in education than the rest of the countries in the region combine spend in Military. The Inform that is release every five years shows the behavior, results, politics and projections for each of the countries that conform the region. Those are Panama, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

In general terms Costa Rica raises above its neighborhoods results. But one of the biggest differences lays in the proportion on military spending. Just to clarify Costa Rica hasn’t had an army since 1st of December 1948 when it was abolish by Jose Maria Figures. Romantically speaking Costaricans refer to their students and teachers as our army. That saying was prove true in this new inform.


Credit for the photo to http://www.ximendaz.com/about/

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua spend 800 Million dollars in Military.While Costa Rica spends more than 3 and a half billion dollars in educations. That means that on avarage the region spends $41 per person in the military. While Costa Rica spends up to $1.053,2 per person in its educational system. Not only that, in total human assets Costa Rica is well above too. The rest of mention above have 43.675 people serving in the military. Costa Rica has more than 65.000 teachers around the country. Not even counting scholars and high scholars.

This results confirms the compromise the country has with peace, and providing health and education to its citizens. That is not to say that are no difficulties to face and fix inside Costa Rica. But knowing that the country has such a big and palpable compromise with educations shows that at least the country is on a good tracks.



Here is a link to the complete Estado de la RegiĆ³n. Only in spanish. http://www.estadonacion.or.cr/erca2016/assets/erca-2016-web.pdf


Photo credits to Gloriana Ximendaz http://www.ximendaz.com/about/[:]

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