Costa Rica returns its stranded citizens abroad

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A total of 2,085 people from 83 countries have returned to the country, thanks to the action led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship from San José and through embassies and consulates, with the support of the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens, and of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, among other institutions.

Precisely, on Tuesday night a flight from Madrid, Spain will be entering the country with almost 300 people from various countries.

This was announced on Tuesday at a press conference by Foreign Minister Rodolfo Solano Quirós, when presenting a balance of the emergency response work by COVID-19, deployed by the government of Costa Rica for the repatriation of Costa Ricans and the return of foreigners to their countries of origin.

The Foreign Minister added that efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship continue to bring back 728 Costa Ricans who still remain abroad, some in remote places and territories where Costa Rica does not have diplomatic representation.

The transfer of each of the more than 161 flights that have been organized to date has involved diplomatic, operational and logistical efforts, consular aspects, overflight authorizations, sanitary permits for internal displacements, negotiations with airlines, among other actions to ensure the return to the country.

Minister Solano Quirós highlighted the initiatives of private organizations that have been in solidarity in carrying out several of these trips. In particular, he thanked the campaign “Back home”, promoted by the North American Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and the Business Alliance for Development (AED), and which seeks to ensure the return of several Costa Ricans still stranded abroad .

On the other hand, Minister Solano Quirós announced that there is a record of 82 Costa Ricans positive for COVID-19 abroad. Of these, 65 in the United States of America, where 18 deaths from the disease have also been reported, out of a total of 19. One deceased is registered in Spain.

Cooperación Internacional

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship has managed and implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) and the National Emergency Commission (CNE), a series of actions to request the support of the international community in the fight against COVID-19. To date, the various steps taken have made it possible to make donations and offers of cooperation for a value greater than $ 6,335,500.

Apoyo a otros países en el retorno de sus nacionales

The Foreign Ministry has collaborated with the return to their country of origin of 4,917 people of other nationalities, through 44 flights. They remained in Costa Rica as tourists or were passing through, while others arrived from Central American nations to take the flight that would take them to more than 17 different countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations recalled that people who return to Costa Rica must attend the mandatory sanitary measure of keeping a quarantine. In this sense, they have been informed of the sanitary security measures ordered by the Ministry of Health and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

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