Costa Rica registers 75 113 doses of vaccines applied against covid-19

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) registers, as of February 5, 2021, a total of 75,113 doses of covid vaccines applied since this process began on the previous December 24.

According to the data from the Vaccine Information System (SIVA) of the Unique Digital Health Record (Edus) of that total dose, 46,750 correspond to first doses and 28,363 correspond to second doses, that is, people who have completed their vaccination against this disease. With these results, Costa Rica achieves a national vaccination rate of 1.45 per 100 inhabitants.

The data also reflect that of the total number of registered vaccines, 63,775 were applied to workers in first-response institutions and 11,338 to the elderly in long-stay homes and workers in those centers.

The epidemiological analysis also shows that, in terms of the distribution of doses by region, all are applying vaccines and that as more doses enter the country, they will continue to be distributed to all areas of the national territory to continue advancing in the vaccination process.

In terms of regions, the Central-South Region Integrated Service Provision Network is the one that has applied the highest number of doses with a total of 39,995, reaching a vaccination rate of 2.08 per 100 inhabitants. This region encompasses the metropolitan area of ​​San José and the province of Cartago.

This region is followed by the Integrated Service Provision Network for the Central North Region with 21 058 registered doses and a rate of 1.54 per 100 inhabitants. This region includes the Alajuela metropolitan region and the Heredia province.
The distribution of vaccine doses to complete vaccination schedules remains constant for all regions of the country. Thus, today a total of 21,450 doses of vaccine were dispatched.


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