Costa Rica reduces CO2 emissions by 26% during the pandemic

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Costa Rica records a 26% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (about 647,254 tons) comparing the months of March, April, May and June 2020 impacted by the emergency by COVID-19 with the same period of the previous year .

This is stated in the fourth report prepared by the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) – an entity dependent on the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) – whose purpose is to detail how the coronavirus emergency has impacted these emissions.

The study determines that between June 2019 and June 2020, Costa Rica records a reduction of 16.2% (about 93,030 tons of CO2) in the accumulated emissions of carbon dioxide.

“Different comparisons were made to be able to measure the changes in fuel consumption and, therefore, their respective emissions”, explained Werner Stolz, director of the National Meteorological Institute, detailing that they correspond to the sale of Diesel 50, Gasoline Plus 91, Super Gasoline , Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and JetA-1.

The hierarch specified that the sales data were obtained from the official statistics of the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE) and its subsequent consumption in economic activities such as transportation, industry, construction, commercial, institutional, services, residential and agricultural.

“In this case, only carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were estimated, which is a greenhouse gas, that is, it is related to global warming and climate change, not necessarily to the quality of the air we breathe”, clarified.

For her part, Ana Rita Chacón, head of the IMN Development Department, indicated that the decrease in super and regular gasoline emissions is mainly attributed to the fact that “due to vehicle restrictions, teleworking measures and the call to stay in home due to the emergency by COVID-19, vehicle trips have decreased, ”he said.

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