Costa Rica offers medical attention and refuge to Carriers not accepted by Nicaragua.

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Costa Rica reports more than 40 carriers with positive status for Covid19. While Nicaragua seems to be heading decisively towards the worst health crisis, due to the lack of evidence from Covid19, Costa Rica has tried to protect its borders. Both Panama and Nicaragua exhibit numbers of infected and deceased far higher than those of Costa Rica.

In addition to this, the negligence of the Nicaraguan regime and its refusal to carry out and report tests by Covid19, makes it much more difficult for Central American countries to project and estimate the seriousness of their situation. Costa Rica is conducting mandatory tests on all people entering the country. Tests that have yielded more than 3 dozen infected.

Given the positive result, the protocol requires the carrier to return to his country from where he was last accepted. The Nicaraguan government has denied the re-entry of non-national carriers. To which the Costa Rican government has offered asylum, medical care and food. The location of these carriers has not been shared by the Costa Rican government to avoid harassment and problems.

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