Costa Rica may receive Tourists from Mexico, Ohio

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Citizens and residents of Mexico, the third largest tourist generator market for Costa Rica, will be able to visit the country entering by air as of October 1, as long as they comply with the widely publicized and known immigration requirements.

Jamaican tourists will also be allowed in and the authorization for California residents is reconfirmed. In addition, Ohio is added to the list of states in the United States of America (USA) authorized to visit the national territory as of next month.

The news was announced by Gustavo J. Segura, Rector Minister of Tourism this Thursday at a press conference.

“The provision is due to the opening in international tourism, gradual, sustained and with controlled risk that we have been managing to reactivate the economy of the country and boost the tourism sector,” said the chief

Mexico is a nearby market, with excellent connectivity, which generates more than 97 thousand visitors a year, making it the third largest market for tourists to Costa Rica. As for Jamaica, in 2019 1,180 tourists from this country visited us.

As of today, 21 US states are gradually enabled, which currently have an epidemiological condition similar or with lower levels of contagion than those of Costa Rica:

  • From September 1: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont and Virginia.
  • From September 15: Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington and Wyoming.
  • Starting October 1: California and Ohio.

“I urge companies in the tourism sector to continue to comprehensively adopt prevention protocols; I ask national and international tourists to be vigilant that this is the case, and also to comply with the sanitary measures themselves when visiting Costa Rica ”, said the hierarch.

Authorization for the entry of California residents is particularly important for Guanacaste, as well as other nearby regions that will benefit.

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