Costa Rica manages to repatriate 699 Costa Ricans who were abroad

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The month of April began with a consolidated total of 699 Costa Ricans who have been able to return to the country with the accompaniment of foreign action by the Foreign Ministry, from 64 countries and territories. These Costa Ricans were affected by the international transportation restriction measures ordered by numerous countries by COVID-19.

In the count as of April 1, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs records a total of 1,360 people who have been treated, of whom 699 are already in Costa Rica and 661 still remain abroad.

Among the 64 countries and territories of origin, the report of this date highlights one case reported from Rwanda and another from Tunisia.

In all cases, it is reiterated that the interested persons have had to cover the cost of transportation, whether by air or land. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that it does not have its own financial resources, neither for repatriations nor for humanitarian assistance. There is a fund that manages the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration, which only applies to exceptional cases of extreme vulnerability.

The Foreign Ministry also reiterates the call to Costa Ricans so that, before the closure of borders in many countries by COVID-19, and as far as possible, they refrain from traveling abroad.

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