Costa Rica joins COVAX and guarantees at least one million possible vaccines.

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In order to obtain vaccines against COVID-19 for more than a million inhabitants, when they are available, Costa Rica joined the COVAX-Facility mechanism, a program coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This after the signing of the binding agreement by the Minister of the Presidency, Marcelo Prieto, and Minister a.i. of Health, Pedro González; For his part, the Chancellor of the Republic, Rodolfo Solano, served as a witness. The alliance agrees to a population coverage of up to 20%.

“This is one more of the efforts made by the Government of the Republic to procure the necessary vaccine to face COVID-19. When it is available, we will be guaranteeing the protection of the right to health, which is an invaluable right and is more necessary to lift the post-pandemic economy. In this same direction, other efforts are being developed to have a greater quantity of vaccines, which will be announced in due course, ”said the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada.

The State must make a first advance payment, of $ 6,316,560, during the month of October, to have access through COVAX to the vaccines developed against COVID-19.

This payment corresponds to 30% of the “weighted average” price per dose that was set by COVAX at $ 10.55. This price includes three main components: ex-factory costs (that is, the purchase price of approved vaccines that manufacturers charge); the access / speed premium, and the financing / risk mitigation and operating costs.

The inter-institutional team is working to advance in the necessary steps that allow the population to have a vaccine against COVID-19 in a timely manner. The signing of COVAX is the first concrete advance of this joint effort and international cooperation and effective multilateralism that will allow us access to the vaccine against COVID-19 is strengthened by applying multilateral financing, development and production mechanisms, said the ai Minister of Health, Pedro González, and the Chancellor of the Republic, Rodolfo Solano

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