Costa Rica is the second best country for independent travelers.

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The Travel and Leissure website published on August 19, 2020 the list of the best tourist destinations for independent travelers or “solo travelers”. Despite the unfortunate situation caused by Covid 19, the magazine has published its ranking suggesting travel ideas for when free movement returns.

Traveling Alone can be one of life’s most enriching experiences. In a post-pandemic world where it may be more difficult to get our friends or family together to embark on the adventure of visiting a new place. The destinations that offer a better independent experience will ultimately be among the first to recover. When traveling independently it is necessary to know locals, establish friendships and trust the friendliness and warmth of the locals.

The security, communication, infrastructure and connection that the host country offers are also important factors. Regarding the above qualities, Costa Rica is definitely the ideal destination. Without an army or armed conflicts, Costa Rica is an oasis, it is a traditionally troubled region. 72 years after the abolition of our army, Costa Rica has allocated more budget than its neighbors allocate to their armies in their education system, environmental policy and health system.

These investments have proven to pay themselves. The best example of this has been the impressive response of the aforementioned systems to the pandemic. Our healthcare system, although under pressure, has not been overwhelmed or collapsed. The education of Costa Ricans has also favored, through the understanding and proper monitoring of the rules of physical distancing, use of masks and hand washing. The generalized supply of drinking water keeps data on infectious and stomach diseases at a minimum and has also favored the low numbers of infections and severity in the cases of Covid19 in the country. In addition, Costa Rica has one of the highest vaccination levels in the entire planet, so the vaccination of the population against Covid 19 (which began on December 24, 2020) should not present any problem.

On the list of best destinations for independent travelers. Costa Rica ranks only below dazzling Iceland and surpasses New Zealand in third place. To see the complete list click on the following link. Travel and Leisure


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