Costa Rica hurt and enraged by the murders of women.

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At Paradise Products Costa Rica we are dedicated to promoting Costa Rica, its destinations and activities. We are not a newspaper or a media outlet, therefore we avoid the publication of news and events because we believe it is not fair to profit from the pain of others and we know that there are already enough media that deal with this type of unpleasant and unfortunate news.

However, we consider it appropriate to refer to the case of the young Allison Bonilla, 18 years old, who disappeared (was kidnapped) on March 4, 2020 when she was returning home from night school. Since March 4, her family has moved heaven and earth in search of the young woman. Finally the family has clues as to where her body can be found.

The clues were given by the murderer a neighbor of the place and a direct acquaintance of the Allison family who according to investigations intercepted the young woman, raped and killed. The main indications were traces of Allison’s blood on the suspect’s car. The man named Sanchez Ureña also detailed the place where he disposed of the young woman’s body, a garbage dump in Cartago.

The team of Paradise Products Costa Rica joins the pain of the family and the indignation of the entire Costa Rican people, the murder of any person is a despicable fact, but the repetition of events such as those suffered by Allison and in September by the Dr. Luisa Cedeño penetrates especially deeply and adds to the experiences of hundreds of women who suffer and fear for their lives on a daily basis.

It hurts us in a special way that these events fill the women of the country with fear and insecurity. If you do not know if they will be able to get to your house when walking through the streets. Although they are isolated and sporadic events, nothing justifies the occurrence of crimes like this. On behalf of the Paradise Products Costa Rica team, our solidarity with the families of the victims.


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