Costa Rica has the second best level of English Proficiency in Latin America

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According to the results of the EF English Proficiency Index, Costa Rica has the second place in Latin America in the domain of English. The study yields results for a total of 100 countries rating their performance in this language. In ranges of “Very High Domain” “Very High Domain” “Moderate Domain” “Low Domain” and “Very Low Domain”.

Of these, Costa Rica (36) is in the Moderate Domain category. Leading along with Argentina (25) in first place. Followed by Chile (37), China (38) and Paraguay (39). The other Central American countries occupy the positions: Nicaragua (73), Panama (56), Honduras (49), El Salvador (56), Guatemala (63).

In the city index, San José achieves a score of 545, beating cities such as Shanghai, Santiago, Sao Pablo and Beijin. According to the index, English proficiency is correlated with high levels of income, development and ease of doing business.

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