Costa Rica has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Latin America per Capita.

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With the acquisition of 727 electric vehicles between January and September, Costa Rica reached a total of 3106 registered electric vehicles, positioning itself as the Latin American leader per capita.

Of that amount, the State acquired 330 electric vehicles this year, which were assigned to 35 institutions, including 108 to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, 50 to the Costa Rican Post Office and 32 to the National Power and Light Company.

Of the total electric fleet, 470 correspond to automobiles of all types of national use, 162 are motorcycles or vehicles with 2-3 rims with license plates and 25 are slow traffic vehicles.

The First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, highlighted the importance of developing concrete actions that motivate the acquisition of electric vehicles by Costa Ricans, especially taking into account the National Decarbonization Plan.

“It is important that this 2020, despite the context of the global pandemic, the acquisition and registration of electric vehicles remained. On the path set by the Decarbonization Plan, the country committed to seeking a green, responsible and inclusive economy. For this reason, the installation of 34 fast charging centers distributed throughout the country was vital, ”said Dobles.

All these steps were carried out in accordance with the National Decarbonization Plan -with which the country works to develop a modern, emission-free and resilient economy- and supported by Law 9518 on “Incentives and Promotion for Electric Transportation” .

Other institutions. Other institutions that began to renew their fleet with electric vehicles were the National Learning Institute (20), 14 the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (14), the University of Costa Rica (12) and the Ministry of Health (11).

In addition, the municipalities of San José, Belén, Cartago and Alajuela, Aqueducts and Sewers, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, and the Ministries of Culture and Youth obtained an electric vehicle; Economy, Industry and Commerce; Planning; Work and Environment and Energy, among others.

Throughout 2020, 34 centers of the national fast charging network have been installed. These charge centers allow to charge the battery of the vehicles by 80% in 20 minutes.

Users of electric vehicles have the possibility of accessing a virtual application to reserve the charger and manage the payment of the electricity consumed.


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