Costa Rica has registered 4,857 positive cases of Covid in the last 4 days.

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The country registered 1,048 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, December 24, 1,072 cases on Friday, December 25, 545 cases on Saturday, December 26, 597 on Sunday, December 27, 558 cases on Monday, December 28, and 1,037 on Tuesday. December 29 reaching a total of 166,799 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Of the cases registered on Thursday, 163 were by epidemiological link and 885 by laboratory. In the case of Friday, 211 are by link and 861 by laboratory, on Saturday 42 are by epidemiological link and 503 by laboratory, on Sunday 60 are by epidemiological link and 537 by laboratory. On Monday 49 are by link and 509 by laboratory, for this Tuesday 240 are by epidemiological link and 797 by laboratory.

In total we have 81,620 women and 85,179 men, of whom 144,975 are Costa Rican and 21,824 are foreigners.

By age we have: 140,938 adults, 12,156 older adults and 13,588 minors, 117 are under investigation.

There are 130,989 recovered people, of which 64,053 are women and 66,936 are men, by age we have: 111,793 adults, 8,069 older adults, 11,015 minors and 112 are under investigation.

628 people are hospitalized, 245 of them in intensive care with an age range of zero to 93 years.

On Thursday 21 unfortunate deaths were reported, on Friday 17, on Saturday there are 14, on Sunday there are 17 deaths, on Monday there are 10 and today Tuesday 12 deaths are reported, reaching a total of 2,156 deaths related to COVID-19 : 815 women and 1,341 men, with an age range of nine to 101 years. By age there are 677 adults, 1,477 older adults and two minors.

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