Costa Rica enlists a team of 890 people to fight forest fires.

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Authorities of the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) will implement from this Friday the Permanent Alert System for the attention of the 2021 forest fire season.

Under the slogan “A Summer without Forest Fires”, early warning actions, daily detection through the use of satellite images, activation of permanent watchtowers and temporary posts, as well as land and air patrols will be strengthened.

The executive director of the National System of Conservation Areas, Rafael Gutiérrez, explained that this year some 900 people trained, equipped and trained as forest firefighters – among SINAC officials, volunteers and contracted personnel – will be pending prevention actions at the national level or within the lands of Natural Heritage of the State, which are of direct competence of attention by the SINAC-MINAE. Román, SINAC National Fire Management Program

He specified that there will be 540 forest firefighters, of which 157 are women, they will support in the prevention and control of accidents, as well as seven reinforcement brigades for a period of three months and more than 350 SINAC field officials, which will allow an expeditious mobilization to any point of the national territory where it is required to intervene in the event of a forest fire.

“Through the Prevention Campaign‘ A Summer without Forest Fires ’the message of awareness will be taken to the population, through radio, television, social networks and printed material; in the same way, the Forest Fire Early Warning System will be active, where SINAC-MINAE authorities and the population will be able to monitor fire risk conditions at the national level in real time, ”he pointed out.

The last forest fire season 2020 registered an impact of 1,371 hectares within the Protected Wild Areas administered by SINAC-MINAE, with a decrease of 1,148 hectares based on the record of the affected area in the previous season 2019 (2,519 ha). Gutiérrez, executive director of the National System of Conservation Areas

The impact at the national level was a total of 34,329 hectares, with which a decrease of 16,067 hectares was obtained based on the record of the 2019 season (50,344 ha).

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