Costa Rica calls on the world to solve the global environmental crisis.

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The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, made a call to address biodiversity loss, climate change, ocean degradation, desertification and pollution in an integrated and coherent way, adopting nature-based solutions that provide the tools needed to address these issues.

The president’s statements took place this Monday at the virtual activity “Leaders’ Event for Nature and People”, organized within the framework of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly, which has the support of more than 70 countries plus the European Union and in which the Prime Ministers of Canada, Justin Trudeau and Norway, Erna Solberg and the CEO and president of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Costa Rican Carlos Manuel Rodriguez.

“With the current health, climate, biodiversity and ocean degradation crises and the many challenges we will face, we need ambitious actions to rebuild properly, putting nature as the cornerstone of our green recovery plans to enable green financial flows and target to a transformative change ”, stressed the president.

The head of Government indicated that it is necessary to work on strengthening multilateralism through initiatives such as the Coalition of High Ambition for Nature and People that Costa Rica co-chairs with France, with the support of more than 33 countries, to achieve the protection of 30% of the planet by 2030.

“We have the moral and pragmatic imperative to come together, make bold and firm decisions that allow us to take another step towards a healthy, stable and prosperous world envisaged in our commitments through the Paris Agreement, the post 2020 and 2030 biodiversity framework. Sustainable Development Agenda ”, said Alvarado.

Achim Steiner, administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), consulted the president of Costa Rica about the actions that the country will take to make this promise to reverse the loss of nature by 2030 for sustainable development come true.

Alvarado responded that Costa Rica is committed to achieving a decarbonized economy. “Through our National Decarbonization Plan, we hope to meet our obligations under the Paris Agreement and, at the same time, ensure the conservation and preservation of our natural resources and help combat the loss of biodiversity,” he said.

According to data, Costa Rica has at least 26.2% of its territory as protected areas and 38% as biological corridors, a global biodiversity hotspot where it is estimated that 4% of all known species can be found.

In his speech, President Alvarado reaffirmed the importance of “continuing to advocate for the conservation of biodiversity and” not to be afraid to invest in the protection of biodiversity, because in the end, we lose more by not investing in it.

In this context, he indicated that it is necessary to mobilize resources from all sources and make all possible efforts so that financial flows are “green”, and that “they can become a true tool for sustainable development, consistent with a path to low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development ”.

Finally, he reaffirmed that to overcome the challenges, at the international level, “today more than ever we need to work collectively and strengthen the multilateral system and at the national level, it is crucial to involve all sectors of society in the decision-making process,” he concluded.

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