Costa Rica Blues Festival 2019 Sponsored by Paradise Products Costa Rica

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Good news Blues lovers around the world. The Costa Rica International Blues Festival is coming back to the shores of Guanacaste. And this time after 2 years of involvement Paradise Products Costa Rica is featured as an official sponsor. And so we have big things coming as gifts and giveaways for our readers. And so this is the first of a series of entries about EVERYTHING RELATED to the amazing and unique Costa Rica Blues Fesitval.

The History.

Where to start? Costa Rica has always have a very rich musical culture. Perhaps one of those rare examples in Latin America where the joy and flavour of the latin rythms. Found a way to perfectly merged with the classical European music and the soulful blues. Given its people a unique capacity to dance as a soul chased by the devil, while conserving the hard rock and soulful spirit. While keeping mastery in the execution. Delivering outstanding musicians capable of amazing performance.

Because of this characteristics the Costa Rican public has develop. A very acute sense and respect for those great performers. And it is precisely here where one of the engines behind this annual madness gets a name.

This is Mo

Mo and The blues Fest

Mauricio Ledezma “Mo” for the friends. Is a leader of a local blues band named Blues Devils. After growing up in the US. Mo found himself living back in Costa Rica and while the land of the “Pura Vida” provided him happiness, music and much more. Mo was missing the legendary summer Blues Festivals. He experienced in the US. And so after convincing a group of friends he embark in the labour of recreating one of those festivals here in Costa Rica. And so the first Costa Rica Blues Festival took place in the Club Cubano in Escazú in February 2008. That right 10 years ago.

Mo was born in Chicago and music had always been running trough his veins. And he know that a festival can only be as good as the artisit performing on it. That’s why since 2008, the Cosa Rica Blues festival has brought many great artists from the USA and other countries such as Smokin Joe Kubek, Texas Johny Brown, Guitar Shorty, Donnie Walsh, Sonny Boy Terry, Chris Ruest, Gene Taylor, Diunna Greenleaf, Sparky Parker and Annika Chambers.

The first festival was a complete success. But there was not yet and idea to make it a regular occurrence . But the outstanding positive response of the public. Showed that there was there was public both national and international. Hungry for a blues experience. The eagerness for more blues festivals soon became regular topic when people met Mo. And so more festivals were taking place. Deploying an ever growing list of performers and even legends playing in Tiquicia.

Ten years later

Ten years and eight festivals later. The Costa Rica Blues Festival has become a mandatory tradition. Hundreds and hundreds of smiling face pour every year to listen, dance and enjoy life. The Costa Rica Blues Festival has found a home in Playa Potrero since 2015. More specific in the Sailing Center. The Venue is completely amazing. With the sea besides the stage. Every time the guitars are not playing the waves breaking in the shore kissing the ears.

The Costa Rica Blues Festival is an amazing experience. Taking music that grows from the soul and putting in a a breathtaking location. Amazing food, kids playing, people dancing the ocean and the sand is what heaven is made out off.

And this incoming festival after now 2 years of assistance Paradise Products Costa Rica will be featured as a Sponsor of the Festival this we venture to say is a just the tip of the iceberg of lots of things to come.

Expect giveaways, promotions and much more.

Read more about last year Festival here Blues Fest 2018




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