Costa Rica and the World cups Part 1

[:en]The beginning of July means only one thing for the fans (and not so fans) of the football all around the world. The begining of FIFA The World Cup 2018. This year Russia been the host. Of the twenty first World Cup Tournament. The mecca for all football fans. The World Cup is perhaps the most televise event in the world. And also one that is prepare to receive faithful fans who travel all around the world to see their national teams competing.  While enjoying literally a world class football spectacle.

This year Costa Rica will be participating as well. “La sele” as it is call by us ticos. provided an outstanding performance during the past world cup Brasil 2014. And this year the expectations are high. With the ticos hoping for a similar performance this year. Having this in mind Paradise Products Costa Rica wants to do a quick recap of the history of our National team in the World Cup. The high and lows. That our team have had. And what is to be expected for this year’s competition.

The Debut.

The World Cup debut of Costa Rica occurred in 1990 in Italy. While many of those weren’t born yet. This first competition is of sweet memory by all the ticos. As one of the most important dates in Costa Rica’s football history. Guided by Bora Milutinovic. Trainer named after the classification was achive by Marvin Rodriguez.

In this edition Costa Rica had a preformance that baffle both the world and the people of Costa Rica. Putting the national team as the “revelation” of that year’s world cup. The sorting place “La Sele” in the Group C. Together with Brasil, Scotland and Sweden. During the first match (against Scotland) and after a goal by Juan Cayasso. La sele got their first 3 points. Happily surprised the second match was to be held against those years favourites, Brasil. The second match was lost 1 to 0. And in the third match against Sweden. Costa Rica gave one of their most outstading comebacks. With goals by Roger Flores and Hernán Medford. Winning 2 to 1 against Sweden Costa Rica earn their right to be in the next stage of the tournament. The next match will be against Czechoslovakia. Match we ended up loosing 4 to 1. This step will become a beacon for the standard of how does a good team have to look like.

The second time

For the next years Costa Rica will enter a rescission or more exact absence. Neither in Atlanta 94 nor in France 98 had the presence of the ticos. But for the 2002 World Cup held between South Korea and Japan. La sele experience and switch in behaviour and performance. With an amazing classification round. Including the infamous (for the mexicans) “Atecazo”. In which La sele defeated the Mexican team 2 to 1 in their most precious house. The Estadio Azteca, thought by the mexicans as their fortress. Since no team beloginig to the Concacaf had been able to defeat them there during elimination rounds. Guided by Alexander Guimares the National team reached the first place in the eliminatory.

This time the sorting put us back in Group C. Now against China, Turkey and once again Brasil. Team that ended up winning that year’s cup. Costa Rica won against China. Giving every tico hopes to achieve the next round. But next in line was Brasil with an extremely solid team. The score at the end was Brasil 5 Costa Rica 2. However the match is regard as one of the best matches in the World Cup. For the match against Turkey a win was mandatory. However the match ended in a draw at 1 goal each. The result allow Turkey to continue while the ticos were sent back home. Turkey will continue the world cup ending third. While Brasil became champion.

Germany 2006

The next World Cup was to take place in Germany. The road towards the classification was rough, changing Coach several times before the Cup. First Steve Sampson, follow by Jorge Luis Pinto and ending up with Alexander Guimares. The sorting this time put the Costa Rica team in the Group A. Debuting the tournament against the hosts Germany. Also in the group were Ecuador and Poland. In the beautiful Allianz Arena. Costa Rica and Germany played an amazing game. The ticos got two solid goals by Pablo Wanchope assisted by Walter “el Paté” Centeno. But ended up loosing 4 to 2 against a impressive Germany. That first result hit the ticos hard. Who ended up loosing 3 to 0 against Ecuador and 2 to 1 against Poland  Which put Costa Rica in the second to last position of that year’s world cup.


Especial thanks to Jose Pablo Phillips for writing this entry.

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