Costa Rica aims to liderate an ambitious plan to protect 30% of the Planet for 2030

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This 22 of September 2019. The President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado, announce at the UN. An ambitious plan on which Costa Rica will take a leadership of a coalition of countries aiming to protect at least 30% of planet earth for the year 2030. The activity began with an opening by the actor Harrison Ford. Vice President of the International Conservation Committee.

“The wild fires, floods, and melting of the ice sheets are the sirens calling humans to action. Costa Rica has heard this calling, and a very clear and direct way. And wishes all the for all the nation to launch a coalition for the PreCop25.

Carlos Alvarado Presidente de Costa Rica

The PreCop25 will take place in San José Costa Rica from the 8th to the 10th of October. Among the assistant countries are: Austria, Norway, The UK, Ruanda, Fiji, Seychelles , Zimbabue and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to Carlos Alvarado, the current climate situation demands the urgent implementation of politics able to assure the disminution of the pollutants. And for that a proper dynamic leadership is mandatory

The sustainable development is a challenge and a obligation. Costa Rica however has been able to prove with outstanding results. Than the protection and development of the territories is possible. Taking brave decisions regarding investing in environment and education. Action that have already sprout results. That have been shown beneficial for the present of the country. Therefore now is our responsibility to apply new decisions for the future of the planet.

According to the Costa Rica delegation. To achieve this goals once believed impossible show that the challenge is attainable. And the results show how Costa Rica has been able to develop and energy matrix to reach 99% of production via clean energy sources. And the reversion of the deforestation testifies how it is possible to achieve “impossible” goals if the compromise and the hope are set with a clear vision for the future.

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