Correos de Costa Rica reinforces fleet with 46 motorcycles and 2 electric vehicles.

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Correos de Costa Rica expands its Zero Emissions vehicle fleet and is moving towards its goal of becoming the first logistics company to operate with electric vehicles.

Next week, 44 electric motorcycles for the city will be incorporated into the distribution routes, which will be added to the 5 units that the company has and that operate with the same technology.

They have a lithium battery that offers between 60 and 150 kilometers of autonomy, depending on the model. It takes a maximum of 9 hours to recharge and has an average life of 2000 cycles.

For this project, which replaces more than 15% of the Costa Rican Post Office fleet, nearly ¢ 210 million were invested. With this, it seeks to reduce the environmental impact generated by fuel motorcycles and, additionally, have significant savings. In the case of motorcycles, the cost per kilometer goes from ₡ 29 in fuel to just ₡ 1.37 in energy consumption.

“It is a great contribution to the logistics of the company, which comes to renew the motorcycle fleet and expand the vehicle at a very important moment of growth in the volume of parcels we are handling. They are tools that improve the conditions of our couriers and at the same time productivity, “said Geovanny Campos, Logistics Manager a.i. Post Office of Costa Rica.

He also stressed how important it is for the company to support government initiatives in its commitment to the environment. “We join the National Decarbonization Plan as a responsible company, which is increasingly closer to the goal of transforming the entire vehicle fleet to zero emissions. With the incorporation of these motorcycles, we were able to replace more than 15% of the units that currently make up our fleet ”, he added.

For her part, the First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, indicated that this is an action more oriented to the objectives included in the National Decarbonization Plan. “Our country is a world reference for its commitment to have a decarbonised economy and the transport sector is essential to achieve this. Actions like this by Correos de Costa Rica bring us closer to those goals, ”he said.

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