Continuous vaccination the following week. It will not be in a massive way.

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Dr. Gonzalo Zúñiga Mendoza, director of the Carmen Montes de Oca health area, explained that the teams will continue with the vaccination next week.

He indicated that according to the planning established by the institution, this implies all logistics that includes defining the amount of vaccines that will be applied during the week to request and withdraw them, for later thawing and application as scheduled.

Zúñiga informed that they must first cover the 350 older adults located in four long-stay centers and their workers, as well as the 400 officials in this health area. Then, they will continue with personnel from the Red Cross, police and other institutions that are part of the assignment area and that correspond to the first response risk group.

The medical director asked the population to wait for the health area to call them, “it is important that people do not crowd the health services or the centrals asking about the vaccine, but what corresponds is to wait for us to make the statement to tell them in which risk group they should be cared for and when they should go to get vaccinated at the place indicated. “

As Dr. Leandra Abarca, coordinator of the Expanded Program of Immunizations of the CCSS, has also indicated, this vaccination will be sustained throughout 2020 and 2021, but not massively. In this sense, people must be vigilant and respect the order of the five groups to be vaccinated defined by the National Vaccine Commission. “We need the support of the communities so that they come closer at the date and place that the health area indicates so that the vaccination process is in a controlled and orderly manner. There will be a vaccine for all risk groups, ”she said.

It is important to understand that the health areas will gradually receive the vaccines and will be communicating to their assigned population at the moment they will start the vaccination process. Each person will receive two doses 21 days apart.

On December 24, 55 people were vaccinated.

At the beginning of the vaccination against the virus caused by SARS-CoV-2, a total of 55 Costa Ricans received their first dose on the first day of this December 24.

In the Hogar Propam Foundation for older adults (PROPAM) 35 elderly residents and their workers were vaccinated, while in the Specialized Center for the Care of Patients with COVID-19 (CEACO) 20 officials of different profiles received their first dose professionals: doctors, nurses, patient assistants, grooming, laboratory and respiratory therapy.

The first older adults were Mrs. Elizabeth Castillo Cervantes, 91 years old, and Mr. Jorge De Ford Atmella, 72 years old, and the first CEACO officials, Dr. José Acuña Feoli, a doctor, and Dr. Tatiana Sancho Chacón, a nurse.

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