Construction of the overpass in Guadalupe continues and progresses

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360 piles of the 884 that are required as part of the new overpass in Guadalupe, on the Circunvalación road, have already been built, which means a 41% advance in this specific activity of the work.

Currently, the piles are built in the center of what will be the new roundabout, to later build the head beam that will support the new bridge.

As part of the works that completed three months of being carried out, the relocation of public services, including drinking water, electricity, cables and fiber optics, is practically finished, according to engineer Carlos Jiménez, manager of the Unit. Executor in charge of the project.

He added that the dismantling of the pedestrian walkway on the south side and that connected the Miraflores neighborhood with Guadalupe in the vicinity of the cemetery was also successfully carried out, tasks that were carried out at night taking advantage of the sanitary restriction. Currently, the residents of this sector have a zebra crossing to cross the road safely.

In the coming weeks, other complementary works will begin, such as the construction of pluvial and sanitary pipes for the streets in the east and west sectors of the roundabout, which correspond to National Route 208.

To date, the work presents an overall progress of 15% and continues smoothly, according to the established schedule.

The investment in these works is $ 19.5 million from the loan with CABEI, management is carried out by CONAVI and UNOPS and construction is carried out by the company Puentes y Calzadas Grupo de Empresas.

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