“Con Vos Podemos” how to donate via Telephone.

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This Wednesday, the Movistar and Claro telephone companies joined the “Con vos Podemos” campaign, enabling their codes so that their users can donate, thanks to the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT).

The “With You We Can” campaign was announced on Tuesday as the official channel for people to make their financial donation. The initiative arises from the request of sectors of the population that want to support people affected by the emergency caused by Covid-19.

The initiative also has the participation of kölbi, as well as the Costa Rican Banking Association and the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives, which also enabled their platforms to raise money.

The economic donations received from “Con Vos Podemos” will be translated into supplies to satisfy immediate needs for food and cleaning kits. The identification of beneficiary families, as well as the distribution of products, will be in charge of the 90 Municipal Emergency Committees.

The purchase of the articles will be made through local credits in the shops, local farmers and enterprises, in order to collaborate with the economic reactivation of the different regions.

The campaign was activated from Tuesday, April 14 and will run until 30 of this month.

kölbi. On the platform provided by kölbi, the person sends a text message to the activated codes: 5613- ₡ 2000, 5614- ₡ 4000, 5615- ₡ 5000. By sending a message to code 5613 the person donates 2000 colones, a message to 5614 donates 4 thousand colones and a message to code 5615 donates 5 thousand colones.

“ICE through our Kolbi brand says“ present ”and we are part of this great effort. We put the donation platform at the service of Costa Rica through a simple and accessible tool for the entire population, ”said Irene Cañas, Executive President of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity.

Movistar and Claro. In the case of Telefónica Movistar and Claro, the person can send a message with the word DONATE to the activated codes: to 2030 to donate ₡ 1000, to 2031 to donate ₡ 2000, 2032 to donate ₡ 4000 and to 2033 to donate ₡ 5000 .

«Acorde con las acciones que Telefónica-Movistar ha venido tomando durante la emergencia del COVID-19 en nuestro país, es que hemos decidido sumarnos a la iniciativa Con vos Podemos. Los usuarios Movistar, a lo largo y ancho del país, pueden enviar la palabra donar a los códigos activados para dar su grano de arena, su contribución a las familias que más lo requieren en este momento», dijo José Pablo Rivera, gerente de Comunicación y Relaciones Institucionales de Telefónica Movistar Costa Rica.

“Lo más importante ante esta situación es el bienestar de la población costarricense, por eso desde Claro apoyamos las iniciativas del Gobierno para ayudar a las familias afectadas por el Covid19. En el marco de la excelente iniciativa «Con vos podemos» nos unimos a la campaña con diferentes números para donaciones que hemos activado”, explicó Carlos Ríos, director país de Claro Costa Rica.

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