Compañía Nacional de Teatro celebrates its 49th anniversary with a talk about “The revolution of the word”

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On June 22, 1971, the then Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Alberto Cañas Escalante, founded the National Theater Company, whose first director was Esteban Polls.

Forty-nine years later, the institution celebrates its almost five decades of experience with the talk show “The revolution of the word”, where the German playwright Roland Schimmelpfenning will talk with the artistic director of the CNT, Gustavo Monge, about narraturgy , Schimmelpfenning specialty.

The discussion will be held as part of the “Let’s Talk” Cycle, at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, on Thursday June 25, 2020, at 2 p.m., on Facebook Live at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater.

“2020 continues to move the floor and among the difficulties, we find space for opportunities. The conditions were met for a meeting with Roland Schimmelpfenning; we are excited to celebrate our 49th anniversary by talking to one of the best known and most represented contemporary German playwrights, ”said Gustavo Monge, director of the CNT.

As reported by the CNT, Roland Schimmelpfennig is the most represented current German author. After a long period as a journalist, he studied stage direction at the Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich. Since 1996 he works as a freelance author, and since 2000, he writes pieces commissioned by the Deutsche Schauspielhaus in Zurich, the Deutsche Theater in Berlin, the Schauspielhaus in Bochum and the Burgtheater in Vienna.

In 2016, the CNT staged his play “The Arabian Night”, precisely under the direction of Gustavo Monge.


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