Compañía Nacional de Danza will share its best shows on social networks

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an José, Tuesday March 31, 2020. A sample of the work done from 2000 to date, by the cast of the National Dance Company (CND), is what the public will be able to appreciate through their social networks this month April, in which seven dance shows aimed at all audiences will be published.

“We continued from the CND during this time of protection, presenting a new selection of repertoire works from our institution. Let’s continue contributing to National Art and Culture,” said the director of the National Theater Company, Sylvia Montero.

Thursday, April 2: “Toc toc toc A look backwards”, choreography by Ana María Moreno; it is inspired by the theme of perspective and how reality is only a point of view. It presents us with different scenarios that unfold between everyday life and the fantastic, where reality is governed by other rules, as if it were perceived through the playful gaze of a child.

Friday April 3 “Pisces”, by Laura Murillo, a choreography that internalizes the theme of water, in which the creation of each movement is inspired by nature. He exposes on the result of a water molecule that is transformed, but at the same time it is a spirit that is in the forest and many things happen to it.

Saturday, April 4 “Hipotesis sobre la indiferencia”, by the choreographer Noemí Sánchez Cárdenas. Starting from the idea that every body regardless of gender can feel pleasure and that this universe that so empathizes us with social, political and cultural ideologies in most cases becomes a taboo, a closed door, a subject untouched, not open; The body, dance, art have the possibility of bringing this world closer to everyday life because it is necessary, it is urgent to speak, encode and enunciate this discourse.

Sunday, April 5, “Bosque Humedo(Independent Contact)”, by Marcela Aguilar, is a recreation of the activities that can take place in this ecosystem: from an introduction where the sound is the protagonist, following the dawn mist, the intense midday heat that inevitably leads to a precipitation, followed by the sunset that precedes the dark to give rise to the intense night activity.

Monday, April 6, “Cuerpo Trans- lucido”, by Pepe Hevia, work of abstract texture, which invites you to reflect on the mystique of the human body from the daily act; experiences that sometimes translate as something magical, inexplicable and grateful for the luck of living.

Tuesday, April 7, “Taciturno” choreography by Adrián Figueroa, a work that is based on the meaning of the word to create an environment that transports the viewer to the taciturn state. Taciturn is a state of the human being, reached either by personality or by motivation of an experiential event. To be taciturn is to be quiet, silent, introspective. The author sees this state as a moment of reflection that is part of a process of improvement in the life of the human being.

Thursday, April 9 “Life”, by Pepe Hevia, work in the form of a tribute, a vital reverence that takes us back to universal dance, to the teachers and creators who have crossed the delicate and noble line that lives between the dancer and the artist. He appropriates language to develop a sensory journey that is not intended to tell a story, but rather to suggest the passage of time through choreographic architecture.

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