Compañía Nacional de Danza of Costa Rica leads the dance at your home screens

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If you are a lover of dance shows, there is good news! During these days #encasa the National Dance Company of Costa Rica, will share on their Facebook wall “National Dance Company Costa Rica”, videos of their main shows so that they can be remembered and enjoyed as a family again.

The agenda will include from dances like; Unique Lie, Fire Bird, The Faust Rockets of Juan, among others. Below are the publication dates for the remainder of this March:

  • Wednesday, March 25, “Unique Lie”: The philosopher Bertrand Russell said that humanity has a double morality: one that preaches and does not practice and another that practices but does not preach. From this premise, the choreographic work is developed that goes through various reactions to moral dilemmas, including death. Black humor and irony cross this piece where a group of women reflect a society that judges, looks, lies, hides and acts under a double discourse.
  • Thursday, March 26: Firebird: Princes, maidens, fantastic animals, wizards and their monsters, will lead the public on a journey inside the forest in search of a magical, mischievous and fleeting creature, who will seize the golden apples. In this stage proposal, the musical essence of Igor Stravinsky is preserved, with a contemporary perspective of the movement, without losing the nature of the original story, providing a vision closer to this time.
  • Saturday, March 28: Los Faustos Rohetes de Juan: This is a work based on the story by Julio Cortázar that bears the same name. The show refers to a year-end party where the lady, her husband, their collaborator and a series of guests accompanying them are gathered in a high society house. In the course of the play, the owner of the house gets sick to the stomach, which is why during the whole party he spends in the bathroom, causing the guests to be uncomfortable as well as his wife.
  • Tuesday, March 31, “Vacuo”: by Maruxa Salas. Vacuo is a metaphorical reflection on inhabited but not lived life, the space delimited by the limits that we each set ourselves. Faced with these prejudices, the author proposes the search within oneself for spaces of regeneration, freedom and discovery. Fourteen performers stage this piece, which features music from the Galician band Berrogüetto, wardrobe design by Rut Díaz Pereira and a stage and lighting space based on designs by Baltasar Patiño.

“From the National Dance Company (CND), Dance Theater, its dancers, administrative, technical area and the Melico Popular Theater we want to share with all of you some of the choreographic works of the repertoire that have characterized us through time. We urge to respect the directives of the Government and the Ministry of Health, let’s say Yes to solidarity and let’s stay at home, “said the director of the CND, Sylvia Montero.

The National Dance Company of the MCJ, informed that for the next week they will announce the programming of shows that will be available on their networks

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