Coca-Cola Foundation donates $ 100,000 to cantons affected by ETA

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The Coca Cola Foundation will make a donation of $ 100,000 in the next few days to the Human Resources Committee, led by the National Emergency Commission to alleviate the most urgent needs of the population of the cantons most affected by the indirect effects of hurricane ETA.

The announcement was made this afternoon on a Facebook Live from the province of Guanacaste, in the presence of the First Lady of the Republic and coordinator of the Chorotega Region, Claudia Dobles, the Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce and coordinator of the Brunca Region, Victoria Hernández, the Executive President of the National Emergency Commission, Alexánder Solís, as well as the manager of Public Affairs for Central America and representative of the Coca Cola Foundation, William Segura.

The donation will be directed to the six cantons of the two regions that suffered most severely from the indirect impacts of hurricane ETA, Nicoya, Nandayure and Hojancha in the Chorotega Region and Coto Brus, Golfito and Corredores in the Brunca Region. The donated products will enter the CNE warehouse next week.

Thanks to this public-private alliance and the goodwill of the private sector, to channel this donation, “a volunteer scheme will be implemented with other social organizations, which will help in the creation of the packages that will be made up of donated items and other supplies that will acquire the CNE in order to prepare the food rations that will be delivered to people affected by Hurricane Eta. These grants will be distributed in the cantons of Nandayure, Hojancha, Nicoya, Corredores and Coto Brus ”, explained the executive president of the CNE, Alexánder Solís.

“Fundación Coca Cola chose these cantons because the places were declared in red alert by the National Emergency Commission. In addition, in the case of Guanacaste, we are joined by deep ties, since it is where we currently operate with our beverage concentrates production plant, ”said the Coca Cola Foundation representative, William Segura

Segura added that they will also donate, for an approximate amount of $ 25,000, materials for the repair of the pipes damaged by the emergency in the ASADAS of these cantons.

“I would like to thank Coca Cola that has collaborated enormously in this emergency and a large part of the private sector that through the Humanitarian Support Table, led by the National Emergency Commission, have also shown solidarity with all affected Costa Ricans,” he thanked the First Lady of the Republic and in charge of the Chorotega Region, Claudia Dobles Camargo.

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