CNE monitors 27 cantons with the majority of Covid cases, placing them in the hands of vice ministers.

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An inter-institutional team made up of vice ministers, local governments and representatives of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE) as well as the Municipal Emergency Committees, join the cantonal articulation to strengthen the Shared Management Model: ” Costa Rica works and takes care of itself, ”which seeks to reactivate the economy by applying measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the inhabitants of each community.

The incorporation of these actors allows starting the model in 27 cantons of the national territory, of which 24 are on orange alert and three of them remain on syndromic alert due to the large number of increases in contagion by the virus.

Through the articulated work between the cantons, different inter-institutional action roles are developed with which the necessary requirements are defined for the adequate execution of the actions in the short term.

These roles allow articulating with the municipalities, the lines of action for the comprehensive care of the health emergency. In addition, dialogue processes are facilitated in the resolution of conflicts that could arise in the cantons.

With this model, the vice ministers Ana Cristina Quirós of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and Margareth Solano of the Ministry of Youth, as well as, the vice ministers Patricio Morera of Housing and Human Settlements, Eduardo Solano of Public Security, Francisco Delgado of Human Development and Social Inclusion, Randall Otárola of Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue, will carry out a territorial division, where each vice minister will work with approximately 4 or 5 cantons to execute the same guideline as a strategy for managing and containing the virus.

This will be carried out, based on the shared management model and the successful experiences that municipalities have had in reinforcing security in their cantons.

Alexander Solís, President of the CNE stated that, “with the formation of this intercantonal team it is intended to focus on the cantons that have a high hospital occupancy and a high registry of positive cases due to COVID-19, the strengthening of inter-institutional actions that allow a permanent process of coordination and facilitation between local governments and the authorities of the different institutions to have a more precise approach in the territories. “

This action plan of the Shared Management Model: “Costa Rica works and takes care of itself”, will have a fortnightly review to analyze the processes and reinforce the lines of action in the territory, in order to see the impact on the reduction of transmission of cases, as well as compliance with community responsibility.

CantónViceministro designado
AlajuelaAna Cristina Quirós Viceministra de Agricultura y Ganadería
San Carlos
Rio Cuarto
BarvaRandall Otárola Viceministro de Asuntos Políticos y Diálogo Ciudadano
Santo Domingo
San Pablo
CartagoMargareth Solano Viceministra de Juventud
La Unión
San JoséPatricio Morera Viceministro de Vivienda y Asentamientos Humanos
AlajuelitaEduardo Solano Viceministro de Seguridad Pública
Santa Ana
GoicoecheaFrancisco Delgado Viceministro de Desarrollo Humano e Inclusión Social

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