CNE makes effective progress with the purchase of remaining inputs for the vaccination process

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NEC continues to make rapid and timely progress in the procurement of complementary inputs for the COVID-19 vaccination process.

The poster for the purchase of red bags for biomedical waste has already been published in SICOP and is currently awaiting offers from interested companies. This is the last poster for complementary vaccination supplies.

For the purchase of these red bags, work was done on a second publication of the poster, as on the first occasion the process was declared unsuccessful.

Previously, NEC published the poster for the purchase of 50,000 masks and a total of 15 bidders participated. In the case of the 50,000 black bags for ordinary waste, the bids that were submitted are under study.

“We have been working with a strong commitment to having not only the vaccine, but all the equipment and supplies that are vital to the vaccination process. This has been an articulated work among several institutions in order to protect public health,” said Sigifredo Perez Fernandez, Director of Risk Management, National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE).

In a press conference, Pérez Fernández indicated that, in order to guarantee transparency in the procurement processes, NEC set up a technological platform so that citizens are informed about the progress in the purchase of each input and the vaccines.

This site provides information on the companies that were awarded each supply, the amount of each contract, characteristics of the equipment or supplies, award and delivery dates, the status of each process and there is a section detailing the entry of the vaccines into the country.

Since December 2020, the CNE has been awarded the purchase of 14 ultra-low temperature freezers, 6 million hypodermic syringes, 12 million hypodermic needles and 3 million cotton swabs, as well as the design and construction of a cold room in the CCSS’s Storage and Distribution Area (ALDI).

The awards were made to companies:

All processes are carried out through the Integrated Public Procurement System (SICOP), with the support of the CCSS, as the Executing Unit, and the Ministry of Health in its supervisory role, together with the National Commission on Vaccination and Epidemiology.

The investment for supplies and vaccines to date is around $70,773,708.00 from the National Emergency Fund administered by NEC.

All purchases related to COVID-19 vaccines and the necessary equipment are based on the framework of the declaration of national emergency under Executive Decree No. 42227-MP-S and the principles of the Law on Administrative Contracts, as well as the provisions outlined in the Internal Regulations of the Institutional Supplier.

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