CNE has received 138 donations to attend the Covid19 pandemic

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The National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE), has obtained throughout these months, a solidarity response from the country, thanks to the humanitarian offer made by 138 donors from companies, transnationals, NGOs, churches, SMEs, and even individuals, who have supported through their products or services.

Of these 138 donors, 66 provided their services or products through agreements and 72 did so directly to the CNE collection center. 

With these solidarity contributions, approximately 120 associations and foundations have benefited, as well as more than 11,260 people, among which are women heads of households, people with work disabilities, older adults and people with disabilities. It is estimated that the donations represent an investment of 280 million colones.

Food and hygiene products, as well as personal protective equipment, volunteer and transportation services, technological devices, communication campaigns, among others, were part of the donations that the CNE received to benefit Costa Ricans affected by the COVID-pandemic. 19.

For Alexander Solís Delgado, president of the CNE, “the collaboration of the private company during these months has been a fundamental ally that came to strengthen the work of humanitarian assistance, through a good use of resources and transparency in the management of donations ”.

Other important contributions were made thanks to campaigns such as “Telethon for culture” and “With you we can.” Through the first, 1,250 Costa Rican art and culture workers benefited from a vulnerable economic situation thanks to the collection of 31.5 million colones. Also, thanks to the “With you we can” campaign, more than ₡ 725 million were collected, translated into food, which was distributed throughout the national territory, by land, air and water.

Most recent donations

At the beginning of this month, the CNE received two important donations to continue with the control of the pandemic and thus ensure the well-being of citizens.

The Government of the United States officially handed over 26 tents and 165 portable sinks to the CNE. Likewise, 47,300 masks and 8,500 face masks were received that will be delivered to the Ministry of Public Security for the protection of officers on the front line of action in the fight against COVID-19.

The second donation consisted of two mobile units donated by the ULTRAPARK Development Group company. Units are transportable and can be assembled in less than a day.

With the new modules, fully equipped structures can be mobilized, allowing immediate solutions such as shelters or hospital expansion.

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