CNE collaborators receive first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

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In order to safeguard the integrity of frontline workers at the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care, the process of applying the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine began this Tuesday.

Today, Tuesday, officials from the Pavas clinic went to the CNE’s facilities to vaccinate 75 of the institution’s employees, including high-risk individuals, or workers who, due to the nature of their duties, have high exposure to working with other institutions and communities throughout the country.

The process started with the provision of the dose for two long-serving officials for NEC. Julio Madrigal Mora, who has been a geologist with the institution for 30 years, was the first to apply the dose.

Madrigal is a native of San Vito, but has lived in Puriscal since the age of 4. At the Research and Risk Analysis Unit for which he works, he carries out inspections and assessments throughout the country to evaluate landslides, seismic events, anthropogenic events, among others.

Julio said that being the first NEC official to get the vaccine is a source of pride, since “Every day he shows his love for his work with the people in the communities at risk and in that sense the same institution and the country is giving us that support.

On the other hand, Nieves Chaves Fonseca was the first woman CNE to receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

“Nicha” as she is known by her classmates, was born in Palmares de Pérez Zeledón. She is one of three women working in the Operations Management Unit and has to be constantly in the territories. Nieves is in charge of the Pacific Region and coordinates with all the institutions present in the cantons for the operational management of emergencies.

“I didn’t sleep last night. This is something that brought me a lot of feelings, knowing that I am privileged to be vaccinated brings me a lot of emotion and nostalgia,” said the liaison officer when asked what it meant to be the first woman in the institution to be vaccinated.

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The CNE and the Pavas clinic will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, the process of vaccinating another 75 people, according to the groups established within the institution and responding to the recommendations of the Health authorities.

As more vaccines arrive in the country, the vaccination process will continue until 100% of NEC officials are in place, for the protection and safety of workers and their families.

Alexander Solís, head of the institution, commented that “in the vaccine, we have seen the hope and the possibility of protecting a country from COVID-19, being able to take it to the first response institutions and especially to the members of NEC, gives us the peace of mind of caring for those public servants who work every day to look after the communities.

Solís will receive the dose until the end of the internal vaccination process, giving way to all the workers of the institution being there first.


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