CNE accounts for food delivery

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The National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE) manages more than 107,667 newspapers to bring food to the tables of thousands of citizens who have been affected by the emergency caused by COVID-19, the president of the CNE, Alexander Solís.

He explained that through the “With you we can” and “Effort Link” campaigns, 49,667 newspapers have already been delivered, prioritizing older adults, families in extreme poverty, people with disabilities, population that has affected their sources of income due to contract suspension , dismissal, or for impossibility of exercising economic activities, as well as isolated persons by sanitary order issued by the Ministry of Health.

Solís added that currently, the purchase and distribution of a total of 58,000 more newspapers is in process, which are being processed through local credits to arrive expeditiously at the home of these families and also contribute to the economic reactivation of the different regions.

In this second phase, resources will be prioritized for the purchase of perishable food, such as vegetables, fruits and legumes, which will be purchased from local producers.

The humanitarian assistance operation is financed with money from the National Emergency Fund and with the contribution of citizens through donations made in the “With You We Can” Campaign.

“Con Vos Podemos” 

With the aim of continuing to collaborate with families affected by COVID-19, the “With You We Can” campaign will run until May 18 next, as companies and individuals have come to ask for more time in order to carry out campaigns internal.

To date, the resources collected have allowed financing the help of 4,650 families.

This initiative is promoted by the office of the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, with the support of the Costa Rican Banking Association, the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives, Grupo Mutual, MUCAP, the kölbi platform, Movistar and Claro, where Costa Ricans can make your donation in cash.

In the humanitarian aid distribution operation, coordinated by the CNE, the Municipal Emergency Committees, Municipalities, Fire Department, Red Cross, IMAS, INDER, development associations, organizations and the private company, among others, participate.

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