Climate Change the world’s next common goal. Costa Rica to lead the way.

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Costa Rica has been in the news lately for our efforts to combat climate change. The country is the perfect destination and choice for eco-tourists and those looking to offset their carbon footprint. A position that will prove essential for the future of the planet.

In a recent poll 64% of participants across all countries, saw climate change as an emergency, requiring urgent responses from all countries.

Despite the pandemic, almost two thirds of people around the world now view climate change as a global emergency.

“People are scared, they are seeing the the wildfires in Australia and California, they’re seeing the category five storms and in the Caribbean, they are seeing flooding in in Southeast Asia,”

Cassie Flynn, strategic adviser to the UNDP.

In the face of this eminent treat and cruel reality it is time to be brave, do something and act fast. When asked about what should the planet do to fight this menace the top answers where:

The Top four policies to tackle climate change:

  1. Conserve forests and land (54%)
  2. Use solar, wind and renewable power (53%)
  3. Climate friendly farming techniques(52%)
  4. Investing more money in green businesses and jobs (50%).

Costa Rica as a model of progress with sustainability in mind. How we achieve those 4 policies goals?

Conservation of forest and land.

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Costa Rica rices as a truly privilege country. Our model of development is focus on a sustainable progress. Al tough not a perfect Utopia by any stretch of the imagination. Costa Rica is a place where nature and humankind often seam to have find balance and coexistence.

There is still a lot of progress to be made. And short time to do it. We like to think constant steps towards this goals are been taking every day. And some statistics are reassuring.

A little bit more of 20% of our continental land mass is protected. Plus important legislation is been signed regularly. Resent examples of this are the complete veto of the fishing of hammer head sharks and the veto on Trawling fishing. We strive to procure flora and fauna a voice inside the political and economical decisions of the country.,

The average Costa Rican loves to think that nature is a responsibility, as much as a luxury and a privilege.

The benefits of preserving land, forest and sea are very difficult to measure in economic terms. Specially when compare to more mainstream market activities. And its rewards are not easily quantifiable in terms of money and it is a long term investment. This is why to choose cut the forest and focus on intensive agricultural practices often seam like a more “money savvy” idea for families with a lot of land and not a lot of income.

In Costa Rica we choose to solve this problem by using the environment as a source of tourism. A place where every people from every corner of the planet can come, learn, enjoy and experience.

Some of our tours.

Clean energy production. (53%)

Costa Rica has been producing more than 95% of its energy consumption via renewable sources for 6 consecutive years. With 2020, closing with 98% of Costa Rica’s energy demand been solve via renewable sources, according to data from the Energy Control Center (CENCE). Costa Rica is a small country though, so our energy demand is not comparable with mega cities of millions of people.

Another issue sometimes overlook about the “clean energy sources” is that been objective, the clean energy systems do impact the environment in different ways. For example been extensively land consuming as solar panels and wind turbines are. And killing flocks of birds as wind turbines often do… Plus barely paying for the CO2 Emission generated during the fabrication and implementation of solar and wind farms…

…This realities are not to be a deterrents for use and transition to renewable sources. Instead ought to be use as an incentive to innovate and improve upon them. Making them safer….

Another great candidate is the -sadly- always controversial nuclear energy. The most efficient and least CO2 pollutant of the energy sources.

Proyecto Hidrológico Reventazón, Costa Rica

Often obscure by disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power energy is the cheapest and more efficient way to produce energy and currently perhaps the best and only real candidate to solve the energy crisis and by extension the carbon emissions. This type of energy is quite often passionately disregard by environmental groups as dangerous. But we will always prefer facts over feelings.

To solve a crisis we have to be bold and act fast… While Costa Rica can afford the luxury of producing clean energy. Other countries energy demands can only be reasonably solve in the short term by turning to nuclear energy. Or via a revolutionary break trough in science. That’s another reason to keep striving and investing on education and innovation.

Climate friendly farming techniques(52%)

To eat with a clean conscience and healthy way is very important. Developed countries often demand responsible products and practices. The market is forcing the companies to produce cleaner. But the mega corporations fight back with lower prices achieve often via immoral production practices.

This situation develops in several problems.

  1. A classism where the best and healthier foods are limited to the elites and those who can afford them.
  2. An over price on fair trade and organic products.
  3. A satanization of all and every Transgenic product
  4. The stagnation of the lower income classes to access cheaper and riskier foods.

All of this scenarios work against the best interested of humanity. And a clear and objective scientific view must the be tool choose to guide to the proper develop of a solution.

Regarding food and farming techniques Costa Rica still has several challenges ahead. Still a country that heavily really on agriculture as an industry to procure income to thousands of families. Often the best practices regarding the usage of agrochemicals are often ignore or push to its limits aiming to procure good harvests.

In a world where profit is dictated by quantity and not quality and aesthetics often dim a perfectly good product “unsalable” which ever option that procures a higher performance is often choose by the farmers. People often relegated to the lower statuses in the social stratification specially in developing economies (third world countries) [Here we don’t like double speak]

Many farmers in Costa Rica try to go with a organic and clean approach to food production. And the law in places serve as a deterrent for illegal or immoral hiring practices as child labor. However the “Fair Trade” and “Organic Seals” are often very difficult and expensive to get. And the demands of putting the soil to rest for a number of years is not an alternative in such as small country.

So here in Paradise Costa Rica we decided to fight this hurdles by offering traceability. With us you can be sure each product is produce with the best practices and our travel and tourism area allows our customers and buyers to visit, learn and experience the farms where our products are produce. And meet the real people behind them.

Investing more money in green businesses and jobs (50%).

This is an always interesting goal. But there are several important issues here. An investment is a market decision always make with the interest of return and profit to be made. As stated above the return of “green business” are not as expedite as regular industry.

Crops take time to produce, flora and fauna although resilient and brave take time and are often shy to return to previous places havoc for industries. Clean energy ideas create lots of jobs but as also was stated above this renewable sources are not without a sin. Be it pollution, extensive impact or harming flora and fauna.

Investing in this companies may start to solve an issue but at the same time creating another one. Perhaps one of the solutions could be stop over romanticizing desk jobs, and starting to offer jobs working the land. Enjoying the soil and nature.

We have to reach an agreement with mother earth of not expanding more than we have already. Instead returning to her as many places and habitats as possible. And perhaps we can make of this a job.

In Costa Rica our focus and strategy has revolve around education and sustainable tourism. Empowering, people, farmers, housewives and young people to dedicate their life to protect nature and educating and sharing the passion for her with as many people as possible.

Siwakabata es un emprendimiento de Turismo Rural Indigena Iniciado por Nora y Melisa Paez Mujeres bribri de Talamanca.

Siwakabata in Talamanca is one of our favorite examples of green jobs. A accommodation and Tour operator run by Mother and Daughter in inside the indigenous reservation in the wild Talamanca, in Limón, the South of Costa Rica. Doña Melisa and Doña Nora allow the visitors the experience, learn and share the indigenous experiences, tours, and way of life.

For Costa Rica this sort of entrepreneurs are the salt of the earth. Authentic people sharing the experience and knowledge of the earth and a life in communion with the planet. This is the sort of green job creation that allow for a good experience for the body the soul and mind. Where visitors and learn and submerge themselves in a place where nature dictates the time.


We agree that Climate Change is the biggest treat humanity is facing right now. Costa Rica is a small country but our actions can hardly fight back against the pollution of mega cities in China o India, Europe or North America for example.

But our actions can be use as living examples of a adequate way to conduct and balance the goals of the market and the planet. We must guide by example. Our actions and choices might be difficult to follow by countries with massive population. But can for sure be replicated by counties and states or provinces.

We as the human race have to start thinking of ourselves as just one more animal among millions of other species of most beauty. And each time that we are to take a decisions in the name of “progress, civilization or the market” stop for a minute and think if that decision also works in the bests interests of the other species.

The the best or the worst our world is now connected. What happen in a market in China as repercussion world wide. So we believe that what happens here in this small Paradise could also have an impact for the best in the world.

We would like to invate you to have a look at our store and booking facilities. Invate you to travel, taste and purchase our products. Help the economy of this exemplary country and visit us for an experience you will always remember and always treasure.

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