Chorotega Regional Market expands offer of Guanacaste fishing products

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On Monday, the Chamber of Fishermen and the Association of Producers of Tilapia and Agricultural Products of Llano Bonito de Guatuso (APROTILA) signed a letter of understanding that will make it possible to join efforts to promote the sale of products from the region in the Chorotega Regional Market (MRMRCH) .

The document, signed at the facilities of the wholesale center where APROTILA is a concessionaire, will allow it to offer a wide variety of marine products from the Chamber to customers who visit the market.

The general manager of PIMA, Gabriela Brenes, indicated that this union also seeks to promote competitiveness and profitability in organizations such as the Guanacaste Chamber of Fishermen, “since it provides them with more opportunities for the collection, marketing and distribution of product. with the internal linkage that it already has, ”he indicated.

He added that, in compliance with the objectives of the Market, it continues creating chains and promoting the economic development of the region, “we are very pleased to contribute to the fishing sector so that it assumes the challenges and opportunities that are presented to them today,” he said.

After the signing of this alliance, APROTILA undertook to provide technical advice to the members of the Chamber in order to guarantee compliance with the quality, presentation and frequency requirements demanded by market customers.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Fishermen ensures the application of good practices, deliver their products, as requested and provide frozen and fresh product as requested.

Martin Contreras, president of the Guanacaste Chamber of Fishermen and representatives of the fishermen in the province stressed the importance of the agreement because, “we will be able to position the products of our sinners. We want to encourage people to come to the Regional Market because here they will find quality and fresh products from our fishermen at a good price, ”he said.

La firma tuvo lugar este lunes en las instalaciones del Mercado Regional Chorotega.

Daniel Carrasco, president of INCOPESCA, indicated that these productive chains, competitiveness, productivity based on innovation, are the three main axes of a modern industrial policy in the country to strengthen the soft and entrepreneurial capacities of fishermen’s organizations and thus they can grow, compete, create jobs and conquer new markets.

“We want to take this alliance as an example and replicate it in other coastal communities in the country, so that fishermen increase their sales and sustainability, and that a greater number of them join and have production and quality standards that satisfy national and why not, the internationals ”, said Carrasco.

For his part, Vice Minister Marlon Monge stressed that this is an articulated effort by the entire agricultural sector. “The inclusion of the Guanacaste Chamber of Fishermen in the Chorotega Regional Market undoubtedly benefits and strengthens the actions of the market, and allows fishermen organizations to establish direct marketing of their products.”

“These types of unions occur thanks to inter-institutional efforts. “In this way, the Regional Market will offer variety and quality in fishery products benefiting many fishermen and families in the region, news that is an incentive to continue working for national production and local consumption.”

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