China attacks Australia and threatens Netherlands and other countries with similar measures

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China is showing its teeth and setting bans on Australian beef exports and threatening to do the same to wine. The actions come after Australia suggested and did not give up (despite the authoritarian threats from the Chinese regime) to establish an international commission to clearly define the origin of the SARSCOV2 Coronavirus.

Secretism and Chinese oppression.

China has lacked normality, ethics and international diplomatic protocol since the new Coronavirus got out of control. International news soon overwhelmed the narrative of victory that the Chinese press fed its citizens. As if that were not enough, the Chinese Communist Party began to silence those it called “Rumor Makers”, actions that have culminated in the disappearance and death of several doctors and citizen journalists who dared to speak out against the Chinese regime.

China also seems to have strongly influenced the decisions and declarations of the WHO, such as the proscription of the declaration of a pandemic, the prohibition of sending international technical and scientific missions and the obligation to share in a 48-hour period all the information that the spread of any contagious pathogen, among many other more than questionable practices that allowed the Covid Coronavirus19 to become the world caste casket that it is today.

The Chinese Laboratory and the negligence of its operations.

The global consensus is that the virus originated in the city of Wuhan China and although the Chinese Communist Party has tried to change the narrative especially within the Asian country and to accuse Italy, the United States and France of the tragedy. This media manipulation has only succeeded in raising suspicions of why the Chinese need to change the narrative of the origin of the virus.

In response to this response, intelligence agencies around the world have set their sights on the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. Place dedicated to, among other things, investigating Coronaviruses of animal origin with an emphasis on bats. Although the virus appears to be of natural origin, there is a possibility that the virus has escaped from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. And Chinese secrecy and bad humor prevents investigating whether the assumption is false or true. These actions not only leave much to be desired and establish a clear precedent for future diplomatic relations with the regime. Rather, the shadows and doubts about the reason for the violent refusal of the Chinese to receive and collaborate with international scientific missions increase.

What Australia wants to do.

Australia has been one of the main countries interested in promoting an investigation in Chinese lands to clearly determine the origin of the virus and in the process to collect any information relevant to it. Australia rightly says that in the face of an event that has had worldwide involvement and has cost lives in almost every country in the world. China has no reason to refuse, and on the contrary, there would be no greater show of goodwill on the part of the Chinese Communist Party than correct international aid and expertise.

In April the Chinese ambassador to Australia threatened to impose restrictions on the Australian Meat and Wine industries if the country did not desist from promoting international research. Australia did not give up and on the contrary other countries such as New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom have joined the call. The threat and attack from China came true on May 13. Affecting the job security and stability of hundreds of thousands of Australians.

China’s decision is strange and counterproductive as the Asian country could be facing a major famine in the coming months, as it is highly dependent on food exports to guarantee the supply of its citizens.

China also threatens the Netherlands.

The Netherlands changed the name of its de facto embassy in Taiwan from the Dutch Trade Office to the Dutch Trade Office in Taipei. This minimal change was enough to unleash the anger of the Chinese, who have threatened the Netherlands with taking measures and actions similar to those taken against Australia if they recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

Taiwan is a success story in fighting the virus despite being a short distance from China. Taiwan attempted to alert the world and the WHO to Covid19 and its human-to-human transmission, however the WHO under Chinese influence ignored the island country’s warnings.

China has for years made use of predatory lending policy and its misnamed “private” companies are actually owned by the state and by extension by the Chinese Communist Party. Since their incorporation and normalization of the Chinese communist regime in the WHO International Trade Organization and the participation of these companies in stock exchanges around the world. China has been repeatedly accused of theft of information and technology.

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