Children’s Hospital deploys mobile module to care for patients with respiratory symptoms

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The National Children’s Hospital (HNN) began the process of installing mobile modules that will allow it to have an external classification area for patients, so that those who present respiratory symptoms can be prevented from entering the medical center and do more management timely of your attention.

This measure is part of the contingency plan of the pediatric center due to the national situation due to COVID-19 and where alternatives are sought to protect patients who consult for other reasons, parents and officials.

“The mobile hospital will allow to segregate the respiratory and non-respiratory consultations, in such a way that children with cancer, immunosuppressed, cardiac, pneumopaths, premature infants, etc., can come with more security and tranquility in the follow-up consultations and guarantee the continuity of their treatments ”, explained Dr. Olga Arguedas, General Director of the HNN.

The structure will be located in the main garden of the center which comprises 9 modules that include:
  Waiting and triage area.
  Attention offices.
  Revaluation waiting room.
  Inhalation therapy.
  Areas for attention to possible cases COVID-19.
  Dressing rooms.
  Sanitary Service.

Patients assessed and classified as suspicious and confirmed will be isolated in special modules where they will have specialized attention from health teams such as portable X-rays, laboratory tests, medications, etc., all without the need to enter the hospital. The admission logistics will have some changes, since the emergency area in the outpatient clinic will be moved to the main entrance by the mobile hospital classification area where all cases will be attended to be evaluated.

Access for the visit to hospitalized patients will be through the outpatient entrance, as well as admissions for pharmacy, laboratory, x-rays and scheduled appointments in the first floor offices. The mobile hospital facility is in charge of the pediatric center brigade group and the logistics have been developed by an interdisciplinary group of officials related to occupational health, emergency medical team, trauma and outpatient consultation, nursing, maintenance, epidemiological surveillance, administration among others.

It is expected to come into operation from this Thursday, March 19.

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