Central America and Costa Rica prepare a new fiscal route to streamline trade.

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the Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez, presented this Monday at a press conference on the scope obtained the previous Saturday after long work sessions in which the agreement called “Sanitary Fiscal Route” was agreed.

After commenting that the implementation of the agreement will require a lot of coordination in the field, he specified that the entity responsible for authorizing transit will be the General Directorate of Customs.

The Comex hierarchy explained that when entering the country, the signs will be taken from the carriers and a sanitary and immigration order will be applied to them. They will be able to have a total stay of five days in Costa Rica, travel only by controlled sanitary fiscal routes to warehouses or warehouses and will be followed up by a GPS system or with an escort.

“Likewise, they will only be able to stop at the checkpoints defined and that have been prepared by the National Emergency Commission to meet their needs,” he said.

Jiménez indicated that the covid-19 test will be applied only to national carriers or residents in the country, an issue that was expanded in detail by the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Salas.

In his presentation, the hierarch announced that the hitching and unhitching operation -proposed by Costa Rica- will be implemented voluntarily, remembering that when the driver is changed, the cabin must be disinfected and that the transfer will be carried out together to police convoy.

“As was reported on Saturday during the COMIECO session with FECATRANS, if there are circumstances beyond the carrier’s control that justify non-compliance with the deadlines granted – such as traffic accidents, lines of waiting to carry out their procedures, mechanical malfunctions, among others – no customs sanction will be applied, ”Minister Jiménez Figueres explained in her presentation.

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