CENARE is ready to attend serious cases of COVID-19

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Specialized team and 1,350 officials will be at the new hospital shield.

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) added, this Tuesday, a new hospital center to its network of services in the fight against COVID-19, it is the Specialized Patient Care Center with COVID-19 (CEACO), which It comes to reinforce the offer of services that the institution has for the care of this disease throughout the national territory.

As explained by Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of the CCSS, the commissioning of CEACO involved a total reconversion and in record time of the facilities of the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE).

“CENARE will be our shield hospital in the protection of people whose health is compromised by COVID-19 and who require specialized care in order to restore them and that they can return to their home,” said the hierarch.

The executive president said that the transformation of CENARE in this new center included 24-hour work for more than two weeks with dozens of Caja workers, volunteers, suppliers and more. The rehabilitation of the electrical and electromechanical system was carried out, as well as the installation of a voice and data telecommunications network for the connection of equipment such as sign monitors and others.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, assured that: “Costa Rica is this: it is the human face of those who have worked tirelessly to be ready to attend the emergency of COVID-19 and provide specialized medical services to our compatriots who most they need The complete reconversion of this medical center, with the best technology and the best professionals, will serve to save the lives of many patients.

The center has a fiber optic connection for the use of the single digital health record (EDUS) and a WIFI network for computer equipment.

The new facilities included the network of medical gases and oxygen systems, an extraction system to generate negative pressure, air conditioning equipment in all hospital cubicles and in the storage area for clean materials.

At the access level, those for patients and ambulances were built, transformer stands were built and equipment for the nutrition service was incorporated.

The new center will allow providing specialized care to 88 patients with complications derived from COVID-19 simultaneously and will be operated by a team of about 1,350 workers, who will work three shifts 24 hours a day.

This multidisciplinary team includes, among others: emergency physicians, critical care specialists, respiratory therapists with experience in managing critically ill patients, nurses specialized in managing critically ill patients, laboratory personnel, pharmacy, microbiology, nutritionists, radiologists, infectologists, instrumentalist nurses for operating rooms, surgeons, patient assistants, general service officials, professionals in medical records, among others.

“This is a human team of this specialized center is of the highest level we have in our country. They are highly specialized personnel ”, emphasized Dr. Macaya.

Likewise, the new shield hospital has high-end equipment, which includes: 48 lung ventilators, 2 video laryngoscopes, 1 portable X-ray equipment, 88 secretion aspirators, 88 MSV transport carts, 22 non-contact infrared thermometers, equipment autoclave for the sterilization of medical equipment and cranes for the mobilization of patients, among others.

This human resource, infrastructure and equipment will enable two specific types of patients to be cared for: 1. those who require support through a pulmonary ventilator and who need more intensive monitoring, and 2. those patients who require hospitalization for COVID pathology. -19, but they do not need ventilatory support yet. They are critical patients and intermediate patients, but both require hospitalization to succeed.

For the attention of the national emergency by COVID-19, the CCSS has invested more than US $ 16 million, which includes the transformation of CENARE as well as the purchase of equipment for the rest of the country such as pulmonary ventilators, Transportable X-rays, membrane oxygenation equipment. extracorporeal, special stretchers, diffusion pumps, among others.

Dr. Macaya Hayes thanked the staff of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the various service providers and the organizations and groups of volunteers who participated in the commissioning of the new center, for the work that was carried out in 24-hour days. during the seven days of the week, “it is a sign of the commitment we have as a country”.

The official reminded the population that, although CEACO is an important tool for the care of patients with COVID-19, since it expands the care capacity that the CCSS possesses, the ideal is that hopefully it is not necessary to use it, so that exhorted the population to maintain strict compliance with the preventive measures promoted by the health authorities of our country: frequent hand washing with soap and water, use of the cough and sneeze protocol, frequent cleaning of surfaces and objects of common use, and social distancing.

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