CENARE becomes a specialized care center for patients with Covid-19

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) has its foot on the accelerator in a titanic task that seeks to have ready, as soon as possible, the conversion of the facilities of the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE) into a Escudo hospital to reinforce the care of patients with COVID-19 by the institution throughout the country.

In this specialized center there will be 88 beds and although with the aspiration of not occupying them in the event that they are necessary, they will strengthen the network of services provided in the different medical centers of the CCSS.

The authorities said that in this preparation to attend to the spikes in cases that may arise from patients with COVID-19, the Costa Rican population can be certain that they will have the adequate infrastructure to face this pandemic and that is thanks to the great work that in record time, since last Monday, March 16, has been developing the staff of the CCSS Infrastructure and Technology Management, the CENARE Maintenance service and many contractors and companies that have put on their shirts to support the country in This process.

“We have been with very intense and very hard work in the last five days, since last Monday we started with the reconversion of CENARE so that it was ready to attend to patients with COVID-19 and the truth is that we must first thank to all the CCSS staff, from the Department of Architecture and Engineering, Institutional Equipment, Maintenance, Management Department of Special Projects, EDUS, Management Office and many officials who have put on the shirt and are working 24 hours a day. day so that CENARE can be the best equipped for patient care, we must also thank many private companies, which have provided equipment without any commitment or cost to the institution, which is appreciated because of this situation we have to going out all together and their support has been vital ”, highlights the engineer Jorge Granados Soto, manager of Infrastructure and Technologies of the CCSS.

One of those actors as a contractor is the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, which through the contract that the CCSS maintains with this entity for the installation of the telecommunications network for the implementation of the Single Digital Health Record (EDUS) carries out the installation of the electrical system that is required according to the new configuration of the CENARE.

“Six outlets were installed in each bed, when on Monday they only had one or two per bed, today they already have six outlets per bed, it may sound simple, but it really is a complex job because it involves many people, you have to analyze the electrical capacity that the hospital has, pull wiring and channel it to the different sections. It is ensuring that with this work on the electrical system, the telecommunications network will be working to the maximum so that the Digital File can be immediately available, and as part of the reconversion work, the oxygen network is being modified, including a Medical air network, an air conditioning system with extraction, are things that the hospital did not have on Monday and it already has today. ” Granados Soto mentioned.


Pulmonary ventilators, X-ray equipment, aspirators, stretchers, medical gas air conditioning systems, monitors, are part of the equipment that is being installed at CENARE. Regarding the equipment, the route outlined has been to use the equipment of other projects that were available, explained the manager, as is the case of the east tower building of the Calderón Guardia hospital.

“We have brought the equipment that for that reason was in the country and we have located it in CENARE and we are already making arrangements to replace it with another new equipment for this tower so that when the project is delivered in the middle of the year it is complete” said the engineer Granados.

Internally, with the Department of Architecture and Engineering, the different purchases of equipment have been made, permits were requested from the General Comptroller of the Republic, which have helped us a great deal, in a matter of minutes they have given the respective permits, added Granados, “They know the urgency and the need to be able to equip the hospital and other spaces that the institution has.”

The comptroller this week gave authorization to the CCSS to carry out the purchase of equipment, supplies and infrastructure through the direct purchase mechanism to enable CENARE and strengthen institutional equipment for an amount of US $ 14 million. The CCSS staff involved in this reconversion process is made up of electrical engineers, medical teams, mechanics, civilians, architects, from all branches, administrative contracting officials and lawyers, who have run to establish the processes of purchase, the CENARE Maintenance service has been fundamental in the process, it really is a very strong job that has been done and paradigms have been broken and barriers that the things that one believed at the time were difficult to do in these moments and we are doing them, highlights Don Jorge Granados.

The readjustments that are being carried out are those requested by the medical technical team that is headed by Dr. Marco Vargas and the intention is that starting next week the center will be enabled to receive patients.

According to the schedule established in the middle of this week, a section of this hospital will be enabled, that is, 44 of the 88 beds that will be available while work continues on the next wing to achieve the enablement of 100% of the required infrastructure in a short time. after.

“That in a week we have in CENARE what we have today, as we found it on Monday, it is incredible, much is said about those in other countries who built hospitals in ten days, where everything they brought was already armed, done, we have converted the hospital practically from scratch into many things and it really shows that when we set out to do things, they can be done. ”“ The CCSS does not stop, we have not stopped our ordinary work to attend to this emergency, ”says the manager.

In the Infrastructure and Technology Management, the portfolio of projects is extensive, Puntarenas hospital, Turrialba hospital, the surgery tower of the Mexico hospital, the east tower of the Calderón Guardia hospital, emergencies of the San Carlos hospital, the health areas of Santa Bárbara, San Isidro de Heredia, Santa Cruz plus other projects in tender or design, equipment purchase processes, tomographs, linear accelerators “comments the engineer Granados Soto,” we continue working on all this and additionally we are attending to the emergency, and for that is to admire the work that is being done by our collaborators ”.


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