CEN-CINAI has benefited 41,972 users with services to the house for more than 6 months

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For six consecutive months, the National Directorate of CEN-CINAI brings its services to the home to 41,972 beneficiaries. It is the CEN-CINAI at Home Modality, an inclusive model with a public health approach, which the National Directorate of CEN-CINAI implemented, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEN-CINAI en Casa links the integration and development of preventive nutrition, health, growth and development strategies at home. This modality consists of 4 components: Food at Home, I Take Care of My Health at Home, Growth and Development at Home and Growing Together to Succeed.

The components are developed by CEN-CINAI officials through digital sessions, individual telephone or digital attention with various education sessions.

“With an approach adapted to the conditions imposed by the pandemic, the CEN CINAI at Home strategy provides services to families in conditions of poverty and vulnerability and provides the support they require, contributing to food security, monitoring of nutritional status and of health and support in the upbringing of minors, through activities and various support materials for use from home ”, indicated Lidia María Conejo Morales, national director of CEN-CINAI.

For the first week of October, the National Directorate of CEN-CINAI will carry out the seventh delivery of food and educational materials, for children, pregnant and lactating mothers who are enrolled in the services of: Child Care and Protection and Daily Care both day and night and Meals Served, in the 627 CEN-CINAI that exist in the country.

Month by month adjustments are made to the food list, assessing the availability in the market of fruits and vegetables, but always considering fresh and perishable foods included in the national diet, with ease of handling and the possibility of being preserved at room temperature.

It also includes foods that are used by young children or that due to swallowing difficulties require preparations such as puree or porridge. The food set includes, rice, beans, tuna, oil, corn flour, pasta and whole milk powder; fresh foods such as: tomato, onion, potatoes, banana, cucumber, zuchinne, and fruits according to harvest.

Likewise, since August the delivery of eggs has been incorporated and according to the capacity of the freezing equipment and cold chain of each Center, chicken is being supplied. With these options the food offer is diversified and the incorporation of other products with high protein quality.

For its part, food services for home consumption (whole milk and food packages for children with deterioration in their nutritional status) are distributed as usual, in remote communities to 117,174 beneficiaries.

The CEN-CINAI staff also continue to screen children for weight, height, level of development, visual acuity, and hearing acuity, which allows early detection of special needs in their growth and development.

For this seventh installment of CEN-CINAI at Home, the National Directorate of CEN-CINAI made a strategic alliance with the National Seed Office, which provides seeds of yellow corn, white corn and beans; to promote the culture of food production, for self-consumption in the household of CEN-CINAI beneficiaries, and the strengthening of food and nutrition education and the development of ecological sensitivity; as well as in the educational gardens of CEN-CINAI.

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