Movile application offers data and help to industrial and sport fishing

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As part of an alliance between the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA), the National Learning Institute (INA) and the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation (FECOP), this Thursday the development of “PezCa”, a free platform of data distribution that provides oceanographic information for the fishing and tourism sector and the general population.

The technology tool will allow knowing, among others, biological information of the main species of importance in commercial, tourist and sport fishing, as well as the regulations in force for each one, forecasts of tides and lunar phases, and access to the online purchase of licenses sport fishing.

The president of INCOPESCA, Daniel Carrasco, highlighted the joint work for the creation of this application that allows access to satellite data in near real time to assist in the identification of oceanographic structures of interest and areas of high productivity in the Central American region. .

“These data include the distribution of the sea surface temperature, chlorophyll concentration, anomalies in the sea level, the depth of the thermocline, the direction and intensity of the marine currents, and the depth of the bottom”, detailed the hierarch.

“We recognize the importance of strategic alliances with partners and organizations that contribute to the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Today we see “PezCA” materialize that brings technology and innovation closer to a productive sector, which requires these tools, added to traditional knowledge, in search of better catches and economic performance ”, he said.

The application also allows the distribution of information and alerts on conditions of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon and can be used as a communication channel on important information to the community, such as the presence of red tide, or the start of closed fishing periods.

The biologist and oceanographer specializing in satellite data at FECOP, Marina Marrari, indicated that “PezCa is the result of months of work and represents a joint achievement of this public-private alliance that today brings an innovative tool of great importance to the fisherman, distributing, freely and free of charge for all sectors, vital information for an efficient and responsible activity ”.

The Vice Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Marlon Monge, explained that this initiative is of great importance for various sectors of the population, “considering that it addresses a series of facilities and information for people interested in fishing activity, aspects that the Ministry considers relevant to develop capacities of people dedicated to fishing and the sector directs it towards sustainable development, based on science and technology ”.

After reaffirming the INA’s commitment to strengthening and innovating the fishing sector, the executive president of the institution, Andrés Valenciano, commented that “as part of this project, we will provide specialized technical advice in the interpretation of satellite images and through the application , users will be able to receive information on the training processes aimed at the sector throughout the country ”.

The platform is part of the inter-institutional strategy promoted by the Government of the Republic for the transformation of the fishery in Puntarenas, seeking to bring technology and innovation closer to this activity to make it more efficient and sustainable, promoting, in parallel, the socioeconomic development of the coastal communities.

PezCA has been available on the download platforms for Android and iOS for several weeks, and also available in a web version on the site It also has interactive maps with the location of the limits of the Exclusive Economic Zone and the current zoning for tuna fishing, among others.

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