CEACO nurse tests positive for Covid. At least 16 isolated officials, suspected external reason.

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The Covid-19 Specialized Patient Care Center (CEACO) detected an official from the Nursing service with respiratory symptoms who was positive for covid-19 and immediately proceeded to separate her from the work environment, reported Dr. Roberto Aguilar Tassara, director of the National Center of Rehabilitation (CENARE).

Once his condition was confirmed, on Thursday June 18, the contact investigation was immediately activated, identifying a total of 16 officials, who are asymptomatic and tested negative for the first respiratory sample, the doctor said.

Aguilar Tassara reported that all CEACO services are operating normally and that all the quarantined officials have already been replaced.

Although the investigation is ongoing, advances allow establishing the hypothesis that the source of contagion is external.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Commission, the Intra-hospital Infections Committee and the Occupational Health Committee, which are in charge of the epidemiological study, have been able to confirm that “no other official presents suspicious symptoms, added to the fact that it was verified through cameras that the official positive used personal protective equipment throughout the work shift, “said epidemiologist Dr. Laura Blanco Chavarría.

The contact officers have a preventive health order for 14 days, most are from the nursing service, 13 in total and the other three are from the wardrobe, respiratory therapy services and the Specialized First Medical Intervention Team (Prime).

Blanco Chavarría explained that several measures were reinforced, such as the disinfection of the entire hospitalization part; biosafety guidelines such as hand hygiene and correct use of surgical masks were reinforced in the staff.

Likewise, it was verified that there are no failures in the technical part regarding disinfection tasks, use of common areas or spaces where there is a schedule in which the staff rotates and rests and feeds without generating conglomerations, said the official.

Likewise, the supervision of routine activities was strengthened, such as when entering each area, each official takes her temperature, verifies that she sanitizes her hands with alcoholic solution and that she wears the surgical mask, the epidemiologist ended.

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