CEACO increases its Intensive Care capacity.

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Today the Center has 72 ICU beds to face the pandemic plus another 16 for moderate patients at CENARE and 48 at the Trauma hospital.

The Specialized Center for the Care of Patients with Covid-19 (CEACO) of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) increased, as of this Friday, the level of complexity of care in its enabled beds. Consistent with the complexity of the patients it has been approaching, the center now has 72 beds that are classified as Intensive Care and 16 for approaching moderate patients.

The information was confirmed by Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, CCSS medical manager, who explained that this decision is made thanks to the work and experience acquired by CEACO staff; This allows the approach provided by specialist physicians of Intensive Care, Internal Medicine and Emergency services, together with nursing professionals and support services, to join the approach to critical patients in the Greater Metropolitan Area.

The manager was emphatic that the Fund works every day to strengthen its capacity, but that the first thing to face the covid is individual responsibility to best comply with the health recommendations regarding the correct use of masks, hand washing, sneeze and cough protocol, physical distance, among others.

For his part, Dr. Roberto Aguilar Tasara, director of CENARE / CEACO, said that in that center, since the pandemic and the reconversion of CENARE began, they have been preparing in the best way and with the learning curve today they have greater experience to treat in the best way the patients who are hospitalized in that establishment.

“It has been an arduous task because it meant equipping the center and then training colleagues so that now the patients that the CEACO can have, in those 72 beds, are of intensive care complexity,” added the hierarch.

The doctor highlighted the mystique and commitment of the entire CENARE / CEACO team and expressed that they are ready to provide quality care to all critical patients who arrive at the center every day.

Thus, the CEACO has a total of 88 beds in its facilities located at CENARE (72 ICU and 16 moderate), plus the 48 that are arranged in the Trauma hospital to approach moderate basic patients thanks to an agreement with the INS.

This Friday, the CEACO reports 64 patients in the ICU, and 31 in the salon (16 CEACO and 15 INS).

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