CCSS Redoubles and Accelerates Preparations for COVID19

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The executive president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, announced the temporary conversion of the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE) as a Specialized Center for Patient Care with COVID-19 (CEACO) requiring hospital admission.

The hierarch reported that the institution is advancing in the preparations based on scenarios of possible demand and epidemiological situation. “Previously, this possibility was being analyzed, which seeks to increase operational capacity in the face of the imminent growing demand for the health services of COVID-19 patients,” said Dr. Macaya.

For his part, Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager explained that the decision was “taken as a measure that aims to focus human, financial and input resources to achieve better management of the global pandemic.” Ruiz Cubillo explained that the center, which has been called the Specialized Center for Patient Care with COVID (CEACO), will be physically located at the National Rehabilitation Center (CENARE), in Uruca, and will receive patients who meet the criteria for transfer to this center.

“The idea is to do a centralized management, which makes the management of this disease more efficient throughout the country, while reducing the risks of contagion and staff burnout in other centers so that they can maintain normal care than the population demand for regular pathologies, emergencies, among others, he said.

The manager informed that at this moment an inter-managerial and multidisciplinary technical team works at maximum speed in the organization, equipment, surveying of needs in human resources and supplies. Ruiz Cubillo vehemently stated that “we are facing a global emergency and we make the decisions with the conviction of providing the population with the best care, with the implementation of the changes that are required and with the necessary resources to provide supplies, personnel, medical equipment…”

The hierarch was emphatic that the institution has the human and technical capacity to deal with this pandemic and that the creation of the center is a decision focused on effective management and the protection of all and all Costa Ricans.

CEACO will have hospitalization and necessary support services such as a laboratory, X-ray service, pharmacy, nutrition, among others, and direct care staff dedicated entirely to patients with COVID-19.
“Emergenciologists, intensivists, nursing, physical therapists, laboratory personnel, support, cleanliness, maintenance, security and many others are part of the army that the institution is articulating in CEACO for its proper functioning,” said the medical manager.

He added that the approach of patients will be done in coordination with the network of hospitals and health centers throughout the country for the logistics of transfers.n For his part, the engineer Jorge Granados Soto, manager of Infrastructure and Technology of the CCSS, said that this unit will be reinforced with medical equipment of various kinds that will allow for the care of patients with this disease.

“We are allocating, among others, 100 respiratory monitors for this center,” said Granados, while highlighting the fact that “the entire world is demanding this specialized equipment, so we must make effective use of these to ensure that they are available to patients who require them ”.

Regarding Logistics management, the manager, Ing. Luis Porras reported that he has arranged for staff at CENARE to provide supplies, coordinate demand planning, supply supply programming, personal protection equipment and medications, the latter in coordination with the Pharmacoepidemiology Directorate. “We are working on the supply process to get this center ready as soon as possible,” said engineer Porras.

San Rafael de Alajuela Hospital

Regarding the San Rafael de Alajuela hospital, the outpatient clinic is suspended, the Emergency service continues to operate 24/7 with a network approach for patients requiring hospitalization in the medical specialties corresponding to the Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics services. and Internal Medicine. The day hospital continues to be able to provide care to all patients with respiratory symptoms and a suspected epidemiological link.

For the management of suspected and confirmed patients by COVID-19 who require hospitalization, the Internal Medicine actions are reinforced and the use of spaces for the efficient approach of these patients is restructured. In accordance with the institutional guideline for teleworking, it was awarded to those positions that meet the conditions to effectively carry out their work. The Caja’s medical manager recalled that dealing with this global emergency entails a series of responsibilities, from the institutional to the personal, and insisted on calling the population to attend to the preventive measures provided to them.

On the other hand, the medical manager reported that in other medical centers the instruction to apply the minimum occupancy procedure, which the institution has established for these cases, has been applied. Similarly, several centers have begun to define specific areas for the differentiated care of respiratory patients in hospital centers and the 104 health areas.

Similarly, Dr. Ruiz again asked the population to support the health system in its efforts: “staying home and adopting hygiene measures are decisions that people must take seriously. Social distancing and avoiding direct contact should not be optional, but rules that we apply while this pandemic lasts. ”

Actions taken at CENARE

The first steps consisted in informing the staff of the decision and giving temporary discharge with follow-up to 55 CENARE hospitalized patients, and four patients were transferred to other medical centers to continue receiving the required specialized care.

In addition, the outpatient consultation and therapy service is suspended starting this Wednesday, March 18 and until further notice. The facility will contact patients to reschedule appointments. It is important that people have updated personal data information. On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 17, the medical manager announced that an agreement was reached for the services of Cenare to be temporarily transferred to the INS.


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