CCSS receives hydroxychloroquine donation from the Novartis company

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Authorities of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) received this afternoon the first delivery of a donation of 108,000 tablets of Hydroxychloroquine from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Regularly used to combat malaria, autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, and chronic polyarthritis, this medication is a potential treatment option for patients with COVID-19 related conditions.

Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of the CCSS, thanked the delivery of medicines and expressed that this donation represents the sense of value and importance that private companies have in the attention that the country gives to the global emergency due to COVID-19. “We want to thank the company for the donation of this product, which is highly demanded throughout the world and for the inclusion of Costa Rica in the countries that receive this type of donation. We all face this pandemic together and thus we will move forward. Thanks to Novartis for this show of solidarity and sensitivity so that the CCSS has more resources to face this fight. “

For his part, the president of the Novartis Group for Central America and the Caribbean, Pedro N. Afonso said that “We are facing an unprecedented situation, in which we join the efforts of the government and society to find ways to mitigate the current public health crisis and its socio-economic implications. We recognize the value of working together and we are confident that only in this way will we successfully overcome this difficult situation. ”

While the General Manager of Sandoz for Central America and the Caribbean, Manfred Goyenaga, added that: “Currently, it is more important than ever that we fulfill our mission of providing primary health care in Costa Rica. By donating this considerable amount of generic hydroxychloroquine to the CCSS, we are playing our role in making it possible for patients to access potential treatment and thereby supporting clinical research in the fight against COVID-19. “

The formulation of Hydroxychloroquine that Novartis distributes – through its Sandoz generic and biosimilar division – meets the quality criteria required by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recognized authority global high-standard healthcare.

The donation made by the pharmaceutical company is made without any compensation requirement and without any requirement of past or future purchase by the CCSS. Furthermore, Sandoz will not receive any benefit from the CCSS, either directly or indirectly, for this donation. For its part, the CCSS is in charge of the procedures, customs and hospitalization expenses to our country, as well as the transfer to institutional warehouses. In addition, the CCSS will be in charge, through its distribution network, of taking the product to health establishments that require it.

The donation made by the Novartis company also includes 5,000 units of three-fold surgical masks with bacterial filter and 5,000 pairs of nitrile gloves, which were purchased for internal use by Novartis personnel and will be transferred to the personnel of Costa Rican health.

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