CCSS has 92 active projects out of 225, several show progress of more than 80%

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Of the 225 projects, the executive president explained that 95 are under execution, 92 are in a tender or in a very mature pre-tender stage and 38 that are financed through trust are in design and planning.

Macaya highlighted that the strongest investment is in the first level of care in health and ebais areas, followed by regional and peripheral hospitals and third by national and specialized hospitals.

Another important area is the strengthening of information and communication technologies, in which the Unique Digital Health Record (Edus) stands out, equipment and special projects to support services.

The 95 projects in execution represent an investment that amounts to ¢ 463 258 million. The executive president mentioned some of these works in progress such as: Monseñor Sanabria hospital in Puntarenas, Turrialba hospital, the East Tower of Calderón Guardia, new operating rooms, delivery rooms and ICU of the Mexico hospital, the Santa Barbara health area Heredia, the San Isidro de Heredia health area, Santa Cruz in Guanacaste, construction and equipping of the Joint Cancer Care Service and the peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis service of the Liberia hospital.

A second group is made up of 92 projects that are in the contracting process for an amount of ¢ 153,964 million, among which the following stood out: new ebáis headquarters: San Vito, Santa Elena de Corralillo Santa Cruz de Turrialba, Barrio Unión de Cañas, Sámara from Nicoya, Penshurt, Gavilán, El Roble de Puntarenas, among others, the headquarters of the Naranjo and San Rafael, Heredia health areas

He also mentioned 38 projects that are part of a trust for an amount of ¢ 387 274 million. These include 30 projects in new health area headquarters and eight branch projects.

Another 12 strategic projects seek to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the institution.

The total portfolio of the CCSS includes 350 projects, of which 225 are the most mature, in the execution or tender stage. Another 125 works that are under design and planning are still underway to take them to execution and search for financing once they reach this stage.

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