CCSS expands health insurance coverage to workers with contracts suspended due to pandemic

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The Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) extended the time of health insurance coverage to people whose contract is suspended under the provisions of Executive Decree No. 42248 – MTSSS: Regulations for the suspension procedure temporary employment contracts in cases related to sections a) and b) of article 74 of the Labor Code.

Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of the CCSS, explained that the institutional aim is not to leave the workers whose employment contracts were suspended or terminated due to the pandemic, or their beneficiaries, unprotected from health services.

The hierarch said that the CCSS is one of the institutions that has been most at the forefront of the emergency care for covid-19, not only for the attention in health services, but also has adopted various measures that seek to give respite and peace of mind to the most affected people.

The master Luis Diego Calderón Villalobos, financial manager of the CCSS, explained that this decision exceptionally and temporarily reforms article 58 of the Health Insurance Regulations, which gives a period of six months of health insurance after the termination of the contract work of a person.

Then, with this reform, the coverage benefit is extended until December 2020 to workers who meet the conditions of contract suspension in the months of March, April and May.

The CCSS began a work of internal coordination and with the Ministry of Labor to define details of the workers who will benefit from this change.

This measure is part of those that the Board of Directors of the CCSS has taken to support Costa Ricans in the midst of the national emergency, such as the reduction of the minimum tax base four times, the postponement of payment of loan installments Mortgages of the Disability, Old Age and Death (IVM) regime, the suspension of the collection procedures, maintain the transitory measures to the Regulation that regulates the formalization of payment agreements for debts of employers and independent workers with the CCSS, approved July 19, 2019, the reduction of the interest rate for payment agreements, the expansion in the definition of disability, among others.

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