CCSS ensures supply of medical protection equipment for 3 months

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) has secured the supply of personal protection supplies to face the COVID-19 pandemic for the next three months, reported the logistics manager, engineer Luis Fernando Porras Meléndez.

Since January, the Logistics management has deployed the entire structure to have a sufficient supply of these essential materials and to distribute them with opportunity to the establishments to reinforce local stocks.

A Task group was established with the sole objective of supplying protective equipment for personnel to the institution, whose battle cry is “Caring for those who Take Care of You”. As of April 22, the institution has distributed 2.3 million additional personal protection supplies. to medicines and general supplies, which has required 22,796 man-hours in the Storage and Distribution Area (ALDI), the manager indicated.

In addition, the CCSS has a reserve of 2 million pieces, to which will be added 8.3 million pieces that are in the process of purchase, as well as the production of hospital clothing from the institution’s Clothing Factory.

As evidence of the great institutional effort, he proposed the investment of 12.3 million dollars in the purchase of: 4.4 million surgical masks, 1.4 million disposable gowns, 1.3 million N-95 respirators, 700 thousand lenses, 600 thousand face protection screens, 1 million disposable hats and 32 thousand dacron swabs. They will enter between April and May.

Porras Meléndez expressed that all this effort allows the CCSS “to have the supplies for the officials who are in the front line of battle and to attend, in safe conditions, to patients suspected and confirmed by COVID-19 and to those who consult for other respiratory infections ”

For the Logistics head, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rules of the market and put all countries in a fight for these essential products for health care. He explained that the changing landscape of the international market has challenged creativity to design purchasing strategies and has involved an exhaustive search to obtain the possible and available quantities of these products.

He stressed that the CCSS does not make any advance payments to providers. “We pay against satisfactory delivery, which implies a quality review upon entry of the merchandise by a specialized technical team and according to the requested technical sheets.” He stressed that the Logistics management has been working based on this global emergency for two months.

“We are committed to guaranteeing supply and we are working at full speed to save COVID-19 time.” The staff of the Storage and Distribution Area has played a fundamental role in this effort, “these officials rolled up their sleeves and during extensive extraordinary days, from Monday to Sunday, they have managed to supply all the institution’s care units; My people are great and they don’t give up, ”said Porras Meléndez.

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